Ethereum (ETH) Risk Faces Price Manipulation, Solana (SOL) Drops as Sparklo (SPRK) Continues to Rise in Relevance

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Ethereum (ETH) Risk Faces Price Manipulation, Solana (SOL) Drops as Sparklo (SPRK) Continues to Rise in Relevance

By announcing its impending stage two presale, Sparklo offers a remedy to the turbulence caused by the news of the Ethereum (ETH) price decline and Solana (SOL) experiencing a negative market effect and raising concerns about the safety of investors’ assets.

Why Did Solana (SOL) Plummet After A Promising Start?

Solana (SOL) has increased by 127% during the past 12 months. It has outperformed every other cryptocurrency in the top 25 in terms of market capitalization. The crypto-friendly Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) recently went out of business, while the Silvergate and Signature banks also failed. The cryptocurrency market was also impacted, including Solana (SOL), whose price fell by more than 15% to $16. The token has now rebounded significantly, though.

Thousands of Solana accounts were empty by early August 2022. The Solana Foundation, on the other hand, informed the Financial Times that the exploitation “does not appear” to have had an effect on its fundamental infrastructure. Solana (SOL) has lost value during the previous two days. During this time, Solana (SOL) has lost 8% of its value and is now trading at $21.70 at the time of publication. On the free market, it was valued at $8.5 billion.

Ethereum (ETH) Price at Risk Due To Price Manipulation

An eight-month high in Ethereum (ETH) active deposits suggests that Ethereum (ETH) volatility may begin to rise. Since September 15, 2022, nine thousand, one hundred and ninety-three (9,193) distinct deposit addresses have been registered on exchanges across the crypto space as of May 4.

The reasons for this sudden increase in Ethereum (ETH) activity are unknown, however, it is assumed to be a signal of increased volatility in the price of Ethereum (ETH). Similar spikes in activity were observed during The Merge last September and the FTX crash.

On the other hand, increased volatility can promote market manipulation by influential individuals and market makers who want to benefit from the Ethereum (ETH) scenario. Such events are regularly used by these market manipulators to create psyops that they may later exploit.

Sparklo Offering a Platform For Investment in Rare Precious Metals

Before Sparklo, It was challenging to invest in precious metals. However, with the introduction of Sparklo, investors will be able to invest wholly or partially in precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum using cutting-edge techniques.

The investing platform will enable investments in rare metals using NFTs and fractionalized NFTs. If the investor purchases the complete NFT collection as opposed to only a fraction of it, they will get the real asset and not just a digital replica.

Sparklo presale is currently ongoing with each SPRK token going for just $0.019 and a 30% bonus package on all purchases ending on the 20th of June. Additionally, the lock of liquidity for 100 years, a smart contract audit by InterFi Network, and a completed KYC audit all contribute to the security and confidence of Sparklo investments.

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