ZkSync’s DeFi Head Receives Accusation of Corruption: Report

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ZkSync DeFi Corruption Report
  • Derivatives Monke accuses zkSync’s DeFi Head, Sebastien, of corruption and spreading FUD ahead of Syncus_Fi launch.
  • According to the accusations, Seb offered extra SYNC tokens, reserving 25% for his friend.
  • Seb objected to the accusations, arguing that the chat mentioned in the tweet was fake.

In a recent revelation, Derivatives Monke, a prominent voice in the crypto space, unveiled the alleged corruption of Sebastien, Head of DeFi at zkSync, the Layer-2 scaling solution on Ethereum. Derivatives Monke shared the screenshot of a chat with Sebastien, better known as Seb, exposing the latter’s offering of “extra zkSync tokens” and reserving some for a “friend that joins the multisig”.

According to the tweet, Seb had been spreading FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) before the launch of Syncus_Fi, a treasury-backed DeFi protocol focused on the new economic system on zkSync. As per the official announcement, “The purpose of the IDO is simply to gain liquidity for the token and to kickstart the treasury off, allowing for the staking/bonding and unbonding mechanic to work.”

The platform also announced that 15% of the total SYNC tokens would be allocated to the IDO (Initial DEX Offering). As per the official statement, the IDO went live on November 25 at 2 pm (EST) for just five minutes. However, Derivatives Monke’s tweet shed light on zkSync DeFi Head’s perversive move. Seb asserted that around 25% of the zkSync token should be allocated to “his friend.”

Nonetheless, the Head appeared strongly opposed to the accusations, tweeting, “The screenshot in this tweet is fake.” Reiterating that the matter in question is unreal, he asserted that he had already “set the record straight on Discord and clarified the initial miscommunication.”

Further, he reinforced his positive outlook on the project, positing that he never intended to spread FUD. Pointing out that Derivatives Monke’s tweet has been “an attack on my [his] identity,” he added, “People in this space who know me can attest to my character.

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