Michael Saylor: BTC’s Low-Risk Network Resilient Amidst Regulations

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Michael Saylor BTC’s Low-Risk Network Resilient Amidst Regulations
  • According to Michael Saylor, Bitcoin is emerging as the winner in the crypto ecosystem.
  • Saylor believes that Bitcoin is a low-risk network and will be the last operating network in regulated environments.
  • Saylor highlights the encryption and inscription capabilities of Bitcoin for securing important documents.

YouTube channel Simply Bitcoin recently posted a video studying MicroStrategy co-founder Michael Saylor’s interview with David Lin discussing Ordinals. According to Saylor, the majority of the members and capital in the crypto ecosystem are migrating to the Bitcoin base layer, claiming that Bitcoin is emerging as the winner.

It [Bitcoin] is a low-risk network.

Saylor further adds that when all networks get shut down and users’ crypto security is regulated, Bitcoin will be the last network operating. The YouTube channel host praises the MicroStrategy executive on his “level-headed” stand.

Moreover, the YouTuber acknowledges Saylor’s opinion that no external powerful forces including “The government of China or the Government of United States,” Bitcoin cannot be stopped. 

According to Simply Bitcoin, even if a major actor were to purchase billions of dollars worth of A6 LTC Master, a crypto-mining equipment, and “attack the system,” they’d end up making the network even stronger.

Additionally, Saylor highlights that there are certain documents worth even more than money like a will or someone’s name associated with a business. These documents can be encrypted and inscribed on Bitcoin, according to Saylor, to prevent being tampered with by other parties such as law firms, nation states, or even corporations.

Simply Bitcoin hosts conclude the video by citing nearly 20k to 30k tokens and coins that have attempted to improve Bitcoin. However, most of them failed and cease to exist now. 

Meanwhile, Saylor’s recent remarks about Ordinals being a “catalyst” for Bitcoin adoption, as mentioned on the PBD Podcast, align with his current stance. Nevertheless, he acknowledges that Ordinals have also been utilized for frivolous purposes.