$17 Million Momoguro NFT Community Turns Ghost Town, New Rug Pull?

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Momoguro NFT Community
  • Momoguro NFT with a total volume of $17M faces allegations of rug-pulling.
  • The CEO’s Discord AMA offered no solace as community members were silenced.
  • NFT analyst Loki The Bird reveals that the promised global IP marketing campaign never materialized.

NFT analyst Loki The Bird took to X to provide a concerning update on the allegedly rugged Momoguro NFT-based project. The X user highlighted that the situation appears to have taken a dire turn two months after a whistleblower’s initial warnings.

The NFT analyst claimed Maureen, the CEO of Baobab, appeared in a Discord Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) session in August after relentless community requests. However, the session was far from what the community had hoped for. No members from the community were permitted to speak or ask questions; it essentially became a monologue where Maureen praised Momoguro’s supposed performance. 

Furthermore, the X user disclosed that team member @Inside_Tokens has remained silent for two months, while the other team member, Mitchell, stayed active yet avoided pertinent questions.

According to Loki The Bird, the Momoguro Discord community, which once buzzed with activity, has become a ghost town. He stated there are no responses to community inquiries, no signs of staff presence, and virtually no community members left as holders, whales, and others were banned from both the server and X (Twitter). 

Moreover, the NFT analyst alleged that the promised global IP marketing campaign never materialized. Moreover, He said five months after an announcement about an agency signing with Momoguro, it became evident that it was all false and not real.

The NFT analyst believes the current situation of affairs has proved the earlier whistleblower’s allegations. Also, he mentioned that the past two months have been dedicated to alienating the remaining loyal supporters, with no discernible roadmap for the future.

Notably, Momoguro has attracted 10,824 Ethereum (ETH) in total volume with a floor price of 0.01 ETH. These figures in dollar value imply $17,664,768 and $16.32.

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