TRB Price Up 360% In 1 Month Amidst Large Whale Transactions

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TRB Price Up
  • Lookonchain reported that there has been several large TRB whale transactions since August of this year.
  • A single whale has gathered 540,777 TRB, equivalent to $21.24 million, which constitutes 22% of the total supply.
  • At press time, TRB was worth $40.02 after its price dropped by more than 13% in the past 24 hours.

There has been a number of huge Tellor (TRB) whale transactions since August of 2023, according to a post shared yesterday by the on-chain analytics platform Lookonchain. According to the post, the price of TRB has increased by 360% from $10 to $46 over the past month alone.

Since 30 August 2023, a single whale has gathered 540,777 TRB, equivalent to $21.24 million, which constitutes 22% of the total supply. Starting from 30 August, this particular whale initiated a series of withdrawals of TRB from exchanges, accumulating a total of 872,602 TRB, equivalent to $34.3 million, which represents 36% of the total supply.

Subsequently, the whale made deposits of 331,825 TRB, totaling $13 million, into the Binance on 4 September, 9 September, and 15 September 2023. Additionally, Lookonchain’s data revealed that on Thursday, four whales collectively withdrew 181,657 TRB, amounting to $7.14 million, from Binance, representing 7% of the total supply.

With regards to TRB’s performance heading into the new week, CoinMarketCap reported a decline in the performance of TRB as its price experienced a significant loss of over 13% during the last 24 hours of trading. Consequently, TRB was valued at $40.02, following a peak at $46.77 and a daily low of $35.11.

TRB’s price slip also caused it to weaken against the market leader. Bitcoin (BTC), by about 13.30%. The altcoin’s 24 hour trading volume stood at about $134,056,359 at press time, which signalled a 19.63% decrease from the previous day.

However, TRB’s weekly performance was still firmly set in the green at +75.83% despite its latest price loss. Its market cap of $67,237,503 ranked it as the 284th largest cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization. This placed it right behind Powerledger (POWR) in the 283rd spot with its market cap of $70,094,578.

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