1Piece Surges 43+% Following Partnership With Popular Trader

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1Piece Surges 43+% Following Partnership With Popular Trader
  • Crypto Tony revealed in an X post earlier today that he has partnered with 1PieceToken
  • 1Piece’s price has surged more than 43% over the past day of trading
  • In related news, 1PieceToken has announced that 1ETH will be given away before its first draw scheduled for this weekend

Crypto Tony, a popular cryptocurrency trader and analyst, revealed in an X post today that he has partnered with 1PieceToken. In his post, the trader shared that he “couldn’t help but reach out and partner with these legends after seeing this unique / genius idea .” 

Crypto Tony mentioned in his post that the project has made a grid map of the Grand Line that is broken up into 1 million blocks and arranged into a 1,000 x 1,000 layout. What makes the project unique is that 1 block will be randomly chosen every week and will receive half of the taxes generated by the platform’s 5/5 tax scheme.

The first draw is scheduled to take place on November 12, 2023. Members of the cryptocurrency space seem to be excited by 1PieceToken’s future prospects, as the project’s native token, 1Piece, recorded a substantial 24-hour gain.

According to the decentralized exchange tracking platform Dex Tools, the price of 1Piece jumped more than 43% throughout the past day of trading. Subsequently, the cryptocurrency was trading hands at $0.04337 at press time.

Dex Tools also indicated that 100% of 1Piece’s $94.59K liquidity has been locked up for the next 6 months. Furthermore, the project’s daily trading volume stood at $35.18K, while the total number of holders stood at 263.

4-hour chart for 1Piece/USD (source: TradingView)

From a technical standpoint, 1Piece was attempting to overcome the $0.3224 resistance level. A 4-hour close above this significant mark will give the altcoin the foundation needed to continue to rise in the next few days.

In related news, 1PieceToken revealed in an X post earlier today that there is currently 1.7 Ethereum (ETH) in the project’s prize pool. Not only will a random block be selected this weekend and rewarded this prize, but 1 ETH will also be given away before the first draw.

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