5 Cryptos Predicted to Deliver 25x Profits in Q3 2024

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5 Cryptos Predicted to Deliver 25x Profits in Q3 2024 Press Release

The crypto market is currently experiencing a lull, but this calm could be the prelude to an explosive bull run. Altcoins have been sitting at their lowest in recent times, signaling a potential for significant upward movement. As we approach Q2 2024, anticipation is building for which cryptocurrencies will lead the charge with substantial gains. This article delves into five cryptos that analysts predict could deliver impressive 25x profits.

BlastUP Releases Blastbox V2: a Treasure Trove Full of Perks

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Starknet’s Price Shows Bearish Short-Term Signs but Bullish Long-Term Potential

Starknet (STRK) has been on a wild ride recently. Priced between $0.43 and $0.68, it faces resistance at $0.82 and support at $0.32. Despite a bumpy short-term decline of nearly 50% this month and a week-to-week fall of about 7.5%, Starknet has soared over 190% in the past six months. Currently flirting with its 100-day moving average of $0.57, the coin shows potential for a climb. If it can break past resistance at $0.82, it could aim for the $1.06 mark—a hefty increase of over 55%. Bulls may feel weak now, but long-term signals suggest a bright future.

Dymension (DYM) Steadies Before Potential Bull Run

Dymension (DYM) has seen a rollercoaster ride, hovering between $0.88 and $1.47. Despite a dip, the bulls are not out for the count just yet. The current price is holding near the 10-day moving average of $1.48, a touch under bearish control for now. With a 630% surge over six months, DYM shows promise. If it scales past the nearest resistance at $1.81, a leap to $2.40 could be next, translating to an 80% gain from current levels. The relative strength stands steady at 56.51, indicating balanced momentum. Keep an eye on the $0.63 support – it’s crucial for future movements.

Bulls Ready to Charge as Celestia (TIA) Eyes Breakout Levels

Despite Celestia (TIA) seeing a significant price drop over the past six months, current price movements show promising signs. With a weekly price gain of almost 20%, TIA is trading in the range of $4.08 to $6.21. The bulls appear poised for a breakout, with the nearest resistance at $7.33 and potential rises to $9.46, marking an increase of about 53% from the current upper range. The RSI and stochastic values hover around the middle, suggesting a balanced market with chances for an upward surge. If the bulls can push past $7.33, TIA could reach new heights, following the positive patterns reminiscent of the 2021 altcoin season.

Mantle (MNT) Poised for Rally, Despite Latest Dip: Bullish Signs Persist

Mantle (MNT) has recently faced a decline, with its price fluctuating between $0.54 and $0.76. Despite a recent price drop of nearly 15% over the past week, signs point to a potential rally. The current price moving average across 10 and 100 days hovers around $0.65, showing stability. The RSI stands at 54.82, indicating neutral momentum but with room for growth. If bulls push through, Mantle could test resistance levels at $0.90 and $1.13, which would represent a rise of up to 50% from current levels. While the short-term trend shows a downtrend, historical patterns suggest an upcoming bullish season for MNT.


Among the analyzed cryptos, STRK, DYM, TIA, and MNT have potential but may show slower growth in the short term. However, BLASTUP stands out with the highest potential for significant profits. Its promising concept and inclusion in the Blast ecosystem make it a strong contender for major gains. The focus on BLASTUP is justified by its innovative approach and the solid foundation provided by the ecosystem.

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