ADA vs SOL Altcoin Battle: How One Conquered the Other in the Market

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Analyst Predicts ADA Could Rise 15% If SOL Breaks Above $18.83
  • Aaron Arnold and Lark Davis discuss how Cardano and Solana have performed over time.
  • While Cardano grew at a slow rate, Solana has grown significantly over time.
  • Solana’s native token performed slightly better than ADA over the week.

Recently, Aaron Arnold, the co-founder and host of the Altcoin Daily, questioned whether Solana has the potential to succeed over Cardano. During the interview with the crypto analyst Lark Davis, they discussed how Cardano and Solana have performed over time.

First talking about Cardano, Lark Davis mentioned that it had a slow burn for years. Moreover, the crypto analyst also highlighted that he was able to earn 50x profits over time and doesn’t regret his decision. However, he notified that Cardano seems to be growing at a slow pace in the market.

Despite the 300 total value locked (TVL) growth on Cardano, Lark Davis points out that Coinbase’s Base is “probably well over” than Cardano. Lark Davis also mentions that Cardano still has a strong community and hopes all the ADA holders earn “truckloads” of money. He clarifies that he doesn’t hate Cardano but is worried about the slow innovation and slow TVL growth.

When it comes to Solana, Davis mentions Solana’s massive scalability. He also mentions that Solana’s community is growing as well. He further explained that similar partnerships such as Solana Pay integrating with Shopify could bring millions of new users into the Solana Network.

SOL, the native token of Solana, is seated at the 10 position, while Cardano (ADA) is ranked in the seventh position, according to CoinMarketCap. After experiencing a 6.26% surge in seven days, SOL is currently changing hands at $19.13. ADA, on the other hand, showcased a surge of 1.40% in seven days, making it trade at $0.2487. 

Comparing the prices of SOL and ADA, Solana’s native token performed slightly better than Cardano. Although ADA still trades below the $0.3 mark, SOL has crossed the $19 level over the week. However, over time, with the latest developments and partnerships, the price could change for these altcoins.

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