Aladdin Exchange’s Staking Event Pulls In Crowd Through Exciting Rewards

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Aladdin Exchange’s Staking Event Pulls In Crowd Through Exciting Rewards

Aladdin Exchange, the up-and-coming crypto trading platform, has announced that its staking event is running successfully, marking its third triumphant month.

As detailed in its September announcement, Aladdin Exchange’s staking event involves three of the top coins in the market — BTC, ETH, and USDT. The staking duration, stated by the Aladdin Exchange team, ranges from 1 month to 12 months.

CoinMinimum Staking AmountDurationRewards (APR)
BTC0.1 BTC1 to 12 months8% to 19%
ETH1 ETH1 to 12 months8% to 19%
USDT1,000 USDT1 to 12 months8% to 19%

The staking event promises rewards galore. One of the many compelling highlights is the increase of the interest rate of the rewards by 1% every month, starting from 8%. This means that during the first month, users will receive 8% rewards; and in the 12th month, they will receive 19% APR.

The initial amount and the rewards will be credited to users’ wallets at the maturity of the staking plan. These rewards will accumulate every 30 days and will be shown on the “My Asset” page. Users may also take note that there is no maximum staking amount. Currently, the MNT and STRM staking events are also ongoing.

In addition to staking, Aladdin Exchange boasts a variety of intriguing features. The first of these is the Handover Feature. Through this option, users can add beneficiaries to handover their crypto assets, in case of demise. Another interesting attribute is the Demo Trading option. Investors new to the crypto space can explore crypto trading and test their strategy without losing any of their assets.

Aladdin exchange has been showcasing a range of innovative offers and inventive adoptions since its inception. The rapidly growing exchange is now on most crypto investors’ must-watch-out-for list. The platform, though relatively young and new in the crypto space, is exceeding expectations in terms of service and influence. For these reasons, the crypto community is eagerly awaiting to see what the project and its creators have planned next.

About Aladdin Exchange

Launched in 2021, Aladdin Exchange is a Dubai-based cryptocurrency exchange platform where users trade different types of cryptocurrencies. Aladdin Exchange comes with an easy-to-use user interface, simplifying the concepts of crypto trading for even the newest of traders. The platform focuses on building a seamless and unique experience to cater to its ever-active global user base.

Interested users can find more details on the Aladdin exchange website or through its social media accounts on Facebook, Telegram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

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