Alchemy Pay Integrates Chiliz Chain, Bringing Fiat Payments to Fan Tokens

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Chiliz Chain Integrates Alchemy Pay for Enhanced Token Accessibility
  • Alchemy Pay expands its services to support Chiliz Chain, allowing people worldwide to buy CHZ and Fan Tokens with regular money.
  • Integration underscores rising demand for fiat-crypto solutions in sports and entertainment sectors.
  • Chiliz Chain has more than 80 Fan Tokens, which help fans connect with top sports teams globally.

Alchemy Pay has announced the expansion of its services to support Chiliz Chain and its ecosystem tokens. 

This integration will enable users to seamlessly purchase Chiliz’s native token, CHZ, along with 13 Fan Tokens within the Chiliz ecosystem using fiat currencies. This strategic collaboration positions Alchemy Pay as a key ramp solution provider on Chiliz’s Developer Docs page and will soon offer direct ramp access via Chiliz’s official website.

The collaboration highlights the growing demand for integrating fiat and crypto payment solutions within the sports and entertainment sectors.

Currently, Alchemy Pay has integrated CHZ and multiple Fan tokens, including ACM, ARG, and ATM. Future plans include adding tokens like JUV and ASR, and expanding the range of accessible assets within the Chiliz ecosystem.

By enhancing accessibility through fiat payments, Alchemy Pay and Chiliz are leading the future of crypto payments in sports, fostering new opportunities for fan interaction and strengthening the bond between fans and brands.

Founded in 2018, Chiliz has become a cornerstone in sports infrastructure, particularly through its Chiliz Chain, a first-of-its-kind Layer-1 EVM-compatible blockchain dedicated to sports and entertainment.

With over 80 Fan Tokens available for sports clubs like FC Barcelona, Paris Saint-Germain, and Manchester City, Chiliz Chain supports websites such as This project aims to help fans easily connect with their favorite teams and clubs. It leverages Alchemy Pay’s ability to handle fiat-to-crypto transactions in 173 countries and supports more than 50 types of currencies.
As of press time, the price of Chiliz (CHZ) is $0.06661, with a trading volume of $51,063,297 over the past 24 hours, reflecting an increase of 0.88% in price over the last day but a decrease of 9.91% over the past week.

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