Alibaba Cloud to Launch Blockchain Lab in Japan to Explore Web3

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Alibaba Cloud Launch Blockchain Lab
  • Alibaba Cloud will launch a blockchain lab in Shibuya, Japan, next month.
  • The lab will help Japanese game developers to explore business opportunities in the Web3 space.
  • Japan will also see a blockchain node service launched by Alibaba later this year.

Alibaba Cloud, the intelligence and digital technology subsidiary of Chinese conglomerate Alibaba group, is set to launch a blockchain lab in the Japanese city of Shibuya next month. The lab is reportedly aimed at increasing Web3 business opportunities for game developers in Japan.

According to a report by Alibaba News, the blockchain lab will be launched in partnership with Skeleton Crew, a game and virtual reality (VR) content development company based in Japan. The Tokyu Land Corporation will also be a part of the laboratory’s launch.

The blockchain lab will initially be available for select customers who are currently collaborating with Alibaba Cloud. Hackathon participants, engineers employed at partner firms that specialize in Alibaba Cloud and blockchain, will also be able to access the brand new Web3 facility in Shibuya.

The blockchain lab will serve as an incubation hub where game designers will be able to improve their skills on the latest blockchain tech. “Developers can stay up-to-date with the latest Web3 technology trends and knowledge through regular seminars, workshops, and networking events. Developers also benefit from direct access to Alibaba Cloud’s Web3 partner ecosystem,” the report read.

In addition to the blockchain lab, Alibaba Cloud will also launch a blockchain node service in Japan. The service, which is currently in its pilot phase, will reportedly provide a user-friendly experience for developers and builders by leveraging Alibaba Cloud’s scalable, efficient, and secure infrastructure.

The Chinese conglomerate will also host a Web3 hackathon campaign in partnership with Hash Key, the digital asset financial services group based in Hong Kong. The first leg of the hackathon is slated for April 2 in Tokyo, Japan.