American Crypto Investors Strongly Need Congress to Support Crypto

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Investors Need Congress to Support Crypto
  • The Digital Asset Investor retweeted Ryan Selkis’ post in which the latter reiterated Congress’ need to support crypto.
  • Selkis tweeted that there are many Americans who wanted Congress to guarantee that crypto seizure is illegal.
  • In his previous tweet, Selkis said that Congress should oppose any initiatives against crypto possession and development.

The Digital Asset Investor, a popular Twitter account claimed to be for entertainment, retweeted the post of Ryan Selkis, the founder and CEO of the market intelligence platform Messari, in which the latter posited the necessity of the US to “ban or restrict” crypto seizure. The Digital Asset Investor asserted that if a “tyrannical government” decides to seize crypto, it would adopt ways to either make the investors part with it or make the asset “not worth having”.

Notably, the Digital Asset Investor, tweeted on March 19, that the “Endgame question” is always regarding the possibility of either keeping the assets or even being rewarded:

On March 18, Selkis shared a Twitter post reiterating that he is no longer confident that “private property seizures are impossible”, adding:

There are a lot of Americans who would like Congress to explicitly guarantee that it is illegal for the executive branch to seize Bitcoin, Gold & other commodities, and other financial property w/out due process.

As a response to Selkis’ tweet, Gordon Gekko, the chief architect of the meta governance protocol PowerPool, commented that an additional right should be included in the Bill of Rights; the Congress should never invent laws that would hinder the individual’s right to “freely manage digital assets on decentralized public ledgers”.

Significantly, on March 16, Selkis tweeted about certain concerns that Congress should consider including the restrictions on crypto asset possession as well as digital asset development and security:

Interstingly, the Messari CEO pointed out that Congress should strongly oppose any initiatives taken against the possession of crypto, adding that all “efforts to unfairly target or impede the development, accessibility and security” of digital assets should be controlled by Congress.

While the Digital Asset Investor retweeted the content of Selkis, the US crypto aspirants responded actively showcasing Congress’ obligation in supporting the crypto industry. There were many tweeters who commented that it’s better to find other nations if the US stands hostile to crypto.

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