An Exclusive Gift from Binance for the Mid-autumn Festival

Last Updated:
  • Binance tweeted its regards for Mid-autumn Festival.
  • The wishes were strengthened by the notification of the seasonal gift cards.
  • The gift cards stood as a modern form of celebrating the festival by sending the cards to kins and peers. 

Binance shared its regard for Mid-autumn Festival, also known as the Moon Festival or Mooncake Festival, a traditional festival celebrated in Chinese culture. Binance assured its members with gift cards, exclusively for the Mid-autumn festival, celebrated on the 15th day of the 8th month of the Chinese calendar. 

On September 10, Binance tweeted mentioning the details of the presents offered, along with the wishes of the day,

Every year the Mid-autumn Festival takes place in the mid of the eighth month, celebrated by many communities. People get together, share food and gifts, and light lamps for the celebration. The most common gift is the fruit baskets and moon cakes, as the name Moon Cake Festival suggests. 

Binance offered its customers gift cards to throw light over the festival with a modern touch; the gift cards could surprise the customers’ family and friends. The most surprising fact about the offer was that the gift cards could even be sent to non-Binance users, with zero fees. 

On September 9, Binance’s official page released the most versatile gift card updates for the Mid Autumn Festival:

The company claimed that its digital gift cards are “simple, flexible and easy to use” that support more than 270 cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, the owners of the gift cards can even redeem and convert the gift card balance to fiat currency. The gift card was claimed to be the best gift considering all its peculiarities, including its openness to customizing.

 It’s interesting to note that the gift cards own various thematic templates that are changed according to the season. Moreover, while presenting the card to friends or to family, it can be personalized with an inscribed message.

In a straightforward way, the company site released ways to access and redeem the gift card. For creating the card, one must access the Binance app and can send the gift by selecting the option. The gift cards can be sent via email or SMS, after confirming the amount and the personalized design.

Similarly, the card can be redeemed by signing in to the app and entering the 16-digit code on the card. The Redeem option will be visible once you type the code.  

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