An Invaluable Metaverse, Ultraverse City!

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ULTRAVERSE CITY Defining Features

UltraVerse City is a digital reality to work, play, business, socialize, and interact in an outstanding, marvelous, and splendid virtual city. Here, the dreams will come true, and the lands of the choice based on the distance from the central business tower and other attractive landmarks will be priced according to their zones. UltraVerse City is more authentic, advanced, and participating than the reader’s imagination. Here, the ownership will be individualistic and decentralized, backed by blockchain technology. The land will be a virtual asset with full rights to sell, rent, lease, and mortgage. It will be more real than reality, authentic than authenticity, and profitng than actual profits.

UltraVerse City is a city of many zones; each zone has a business tower and other landmark locations, which will decide the price of the lands near them. The master tower has nine zones purchased through a presale only. Whitelisting perception was obtained to enter the private sale, where the Mystery Box shape was used for selling the lands. The map of UltraVerse City has been shown on the website. The map is very interactive and can be used to select any place of the choice and vision. After connecting the system with Metamask, with having BEP20 asset in the Metamask, the desired place will be there in front of the eyes with a great, easy, and super map of UltraVerse City.

A decentralized virtual city, based on Binance Blockchain, attached with Metamask wallet and has different zones according to their distances from the main business tower of the city. It is a city where personal, familial, social, acquainted, and economic work is more than a mere welcome. In this city, the adventure of playing, activity, involvement, meaningfulness, purposefulness, enjoyment, and interactiveness are guaranteed with utmost security and authentication.

In UltraVerse City, there will be a buying and selling continuity, wholesalers and retailers will carry on their dealings, and growth and gaining in the profits of the city dwellers will keep on soaring due to demand for the purchased lands. There will be renting, mortgaging, financing, and lending with all the features of actual finance in the UltraVerse City. The primary goal of profit-taking will be guaranteed with services on sales, renting, and mortgaging of the property.

The UltraVerse City will be more social than society because here, family, schooling, neighborhood, peer grouping, interest-based community meetings, and socializing agents will work wonderfully. All the socializing agents will surely make an altogether different UltraVerse Society. In this society, there will be connectedness, interdependence, cooperation, likeness, traditions, mores, folkways, customs, and values.

Outstanding Features of UltraVerse City

Decentralized UltraVerse City

In order to create engagement and development, individual development, quick and free decision-making, faster response time, and delegation of authority at the individual level, UltraVerse City will be based on pure decentralization. This decentralized system will enable individuals to own their separate zones, and no single owner will control or rule the UltraVerse City. The transactions will be made public, traceable, auditable, trackable, and protected.

  • On Access

The UltraVerse City will be open, accessible, and easy to tread and enter. In order to enhance its visibility, transparency, and availability, it has been given easy access for all the participants. A single click on the chrome will take the viewers into the UltraVerse City. Even for collaboration partners, lenders, investors, and dealers, the UltraVerse City will be open, accessible, and within their reach. The number of individuals, time, and nature of activities will not be limited by the UltraVerse City.

  • Virtual Assets

Types of assets that UltraVerse City will value are listed below Avatars

  • Virtual Clothing NFTs
  • Tickets Marketplace Assets

Exclusive NFT Market Place

1. BNB Chain 2. Ethereum 3. Polygon

Ultraverse City has its own NFT marketplace with integration with 3 major blockchains.

This marketplace is a digital platform for buying and selling NFTs. These platforms allow members to store and display their NFTs plus sell them to others for cryptocurrency. This marketplace also allows users to mint their NFTs on the platform too.

Amazing Opportunity

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