Will Andrew Tate’s Meme Coins TOPG or DADDY Become the Next 100x Crypto? Base Dawgz Rivals Top Meme Coins

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Will Andrew Tate’s Meme Coins TOPG or DADDY Become the Next 100x Crypto? Base Dawgz Rivals Top Meme Coins

Andrew Tate’s TOPG and DADDY meme coins face competition from rising Base meme coin Base Dawgz.

Major developments in the cryptocurrency space are unfolding as Andrew Tate, the controversial influencer and former kickboxer, makes significant moves with his meme coins TOPG and DADDY. After burning over $10 million worth of TOPG tokens, the real story shifts to where investor interest is flowing next.

The new contender, Base Dawgz, is emerging as a competitive force in the meme coin market with its impressive ICO performance and strong community engagement. As Tate’s tokens surge in value amid controversy, Base Dawgz is capturing investor enthusiasm, aiming to become the next 100x crypto.

Andrew Tate Burns Over $10 Million in TOPG Tokens

Andrew Tate has recently burned 580 million TOPG tokens valued at over $10 million, a move he publicized on social media. He emphasised that this act was about sending a message rather than financial gain, significantly reducing the token’s supply and causing its price to skyrocket by 700%. This manoeuvre pushed TOPG’s market cap to nearly $55 million, drawing significant attention.

Tate’s actions, however, have been met with mixed reactions. Some see it as a strategic boost for TOPG, while others criticise it as a publicity stunt aimed at leveraging his vast social media influence amid ongoing legal battles in Romania and the UK.

DADDY Token’s Meteoric Rise and Controversies

Following the TOPG burn, Tate introduced another meme coin, DADDY, which quickly reached a $300 million market cap. Despite its rapid ascent, DADDY has faced accusations of insider trading. Investigations revealed that insiders acquired a significant portion of the token supply before Tate’s public endorsement, sparking fears of price manipulation.

Tate has positioned DADDY as a cultural movement to promote masculinity. He has promised to burn his 40% stake in the token once it reaches a certain market cap, asserting that his motivations are to prove his integrity in the crypto space rather than seek profits.

Base Dawgz: The Rising Competitor in the Meme Coin Market

As TOPG and DADDY dominate the headlines, Base Dawgz ($DAWGZ), a new meme coin on the Base blockchain, is gaining traction. Base Dawgz has raised over $2 million in its ICO, driven by significant interest from retail investors. This success highlights its potential to rival top meme coins in the market.

Base Dawgz’ Multi-Chain Functionality and Community Engagement

Base Dawgz stands out with its multi-chain capabilities, enabling seamless transactions across various blockchains, including Base, Ethereum, and Solana. This functionality, supported by technologies like the Wormhole and Portal Bridge protocols, broadens its ecosystem’s utility.


The project has also garnered significant attention on social media, with its Twitter page reaching 4,000 followers. Its Share-to-Earn protocol incentivises community engagement by rewarding users for creating and sharing content related to DAWGZ. These points can be exchanged for DAWGZ tokens, fostering a strong, self-sustaining community.

Strategic Moves Behind Base Dawgz’s Success

Base Dawgz’ strategic approach includes leveraging the Base platform’s low transaction fees and high speed. This multi-chain capability allows traders to diversify their portfolios and reduces the risk of relying on a single chain. 

The meme coin market is experiencing a dynamic phase, driven by the aggressive tactics of Andrew Tate and the strategic planning of projects like Base Dawgz. TOPG and DADDY’s rapid rise and controversies highlight the high-risk, high-reward nature of meme coins, while Base Dawgz’ structured approach and community engagement offer a potentially stable investment opportunity.


As these projects continue to evolve, they highlight the diverse opportunities within the crypto space. Whether it’s through provocative marketing or strategic community building, these meme coins are pushing the boundaries and setting new standards for the industry.For those looking to capitalise on the next big thing in crypto, Base Dawgz presents a compelling opportunity. With its multi-chain functionality and strong community support, Base Dawgz is well-positioned for significant growth.

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