ApeCoin Says a DAO Board Member Seat Is Up For Election

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ApeCoin Says a DAO Board Member Seat Is Up For Election
  • ApeCoin DAO Foundation seeks candidates to fill a board member position.
  • One council member’s seat comes up for election every quarter.
  • The APE Foundation implements DAO decisions and promotes community-led governance.

The ApeCoin DAO Foundation has posted on Twitter seeking candidates to fill a board member position.

The foundation advocates changing the election cycle to a rolling election to ensure continuity and stability in the ecosystem. During these elections, one council member’s seat will be up for grabs every quarter or at some other regular interval specified in the protocol. At the same time, the DAO is built from the bottom up.

ApeCoin continues by stating they feel as though this provides a stable atmosphere to responsibly bring in new members and ensure that the DAO has the consistency to run and effectively transmit expertise while also bringing new ideas from the community.

Finally, the post made by ApeCoin’s official Twitter page stated:

It’s encouraging to see the community’s involvement on this matter and are excited to create a new framework that truly innovates how the DAO operates – helping to reach the full potential of the opportunity we have in front of us.

The ApeCoin Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) is a kind of decentralized governance that, like other DAOs, aims to develop and manage a worldwide community. Members can contribute their thoughts, opinions, and suggestions and vote on those contributions.

The APE Foundation is responsible for administrating the decisions made by the DAO and acts as a facilitator for community-led governance. In addition, the foundation is in charge of the day-to-day activities of the DAO, the bookkeeping, and compliance with the many requirements of the law.

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