Base’s Meme Coins Excel: Daily Transactions Exceed 2.34 Million

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Base’s TVL Hits $1.202B: Daily Transactions Reach 2.34M
  • Coinbase’s Base network has seen substantial growth in daily activity and total value locked.
  • While Base’s TVL has hit $1,202 billion, the daily transactions have surged past 2.34 million.
  • Base’s growth can be attributed to the increasing popularity of its meme coins, such as DEGEN, BRETT, ANIME, KEYCAT, and ROOST. 

In an astounding turn of events, Coinbase’s Layer 2 Blockchain, Base, has seen remarkable growth in daily transactions and total value locked (TVL). The increase in transactions and daily activities on the L2 platform could be mainly attributed to the growing popularity of the memecoins associated with Base.

According to DefiLlama data, Base’s TVL has surged past $1 billion, reaching a staggering $1.202 billion as of April 3. In addition, the daily transactions on the platform hit an all-time high of 2.34 million on April 2.

Source: Basescan

One of the most traded Base-based memecoins is DEGEN, which has a 24-hour trading volume of $90,643,190. At press time, DEGEN is priced at $0.04194, an increase of 4.4% in one hour. Despite a daily decline of 3.2%, the memecoin has hit a substantial weekly gain of 154.8%.

Other notable memecoins on Base include BRETT, ROOST, KEYCAT, and ANIME. BRETT, priced at $0.07523, has a 24-hour surge of 29% and boasts a 24-hour trading volume of $19,192,576. ROOST is currently trading in a bearish trend at a price of $0.0698. Despite a 24-hour dip of 11% and a weekly decline of 25%, ROOST marks a remarkable trading volume of $10,634,621 in one day.

Similarly, KEYCAT and ANIME have also gained traction with their appreciable trading volume. KEYCAT, for instance, has recorded a 24-hour trading volume of $13,244,640, aligning with a 24-hour price surge of 26.4%. ANIME, priced at $0.00793, is currently on a bearish track, with a one-hour decline of 0.6% and a 24-hour decline of 20.1%. However, ANIME has seen a notable trading volume in the past day at $4,907,396.

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