BEFE Coin’s Value Climbs 45% Higher in Week-Long Bullish Streak

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BEFE Coin’s Value Climbs 45% Higher in Week-Long Bullish Streak Press Release

BEFE has been in the limelight, being one of the first meme coins with some solid potential. Where other meme coins that have some potential hold small utility, BEFE powers an entire blockchain ecosystem of Bitgert that could change the crypto landscape. As the meme coin grows significantly in terms of price, BEFE pre sales have begun fueling its bullish momentum for months to come.

What helped BEFE gain momentum?

BEFE, the meme coin king is still young in the cryptosphere yet has left many stunned with its drastic surge since its launch. Notably, in just 4 months, BEFE has skyrocketed by more than 600%.

Notably, such growth came with the meme coin’s clever marketing infused with promises of innovation. Being introduced on the Bitgert chain, this funny beef-themed token has been assigned tasks like rewarding the users interacting on the blockchain, helping users to participate in the network’s governance mechanism, and more. Indeed, as its ecosystem will change the way we interact with digital currencies today, BEFE is here to disrupt traditional finance and build opportunities for DeFi enthusiasts.

On the other hand, BEFE garnered some significant attention the success of the BEFE presale helped the meme coin price to gain more than 45% driving more anticipation and participation within the market. As the pre-sales continue, investors are closely monitoring.

BEFE Presale: An Overview

The BEFE presale initially started with multiple phases, offering the meme coin an introductory price of $0.01 in Phase 1. Notably, as Phase 1 ended it successfully and swiftly hit its $10,000 soft cap, signaling strong demand among savvy investors looking for potential projects. 

With initial success, in Phase 2 of the presale, investors noted the price getting doubled to $0.02. Surprisingly, with the potential and fact of serving as the powerhouse to the Bitgert ecosystem, investors showed eagerness, helping the presale quickly raise $40k. 

With continued success, BEFE price gained 100% and Phase 3 began with a price of $0.04. In Phase 3 as the meme coin presale raised $25k, investors witnessed the dynamic nature of such an event. 

After witnessing small turbulence, the presale began its Phase 4 at $0.055 while regaining its momentum. In this phase, the token raised $38,000 underscoring a 45% surge from its previous phase. Currently, Phase 5 of the token’s presale is ongoing with a valuation of 0.075 looming in the ecosystem with predictions of $0.085 for Phase 6.

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