Billy Markus Rejects $14 Million to Endorse Dogechain

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Dogecoin Founder Says Crypto Spam Bots Have Called A Quit
  • Billy Markus, creator of Dogecoin, rejects $14m to promote shady Dogechain.
  • The crypto leader says that he has lost faith in the crypto space.
  • Markus has also blocked Jackson Palmer on Twitter.

According to a recent tweet posted by RepeatAfterVee on Twitter, Dogecoin co-founder and well-known personality on social media, Billy Markus, allegedly received an offer from Dogechain of 10 billion Dogecoin in exchange for promoting their controversial project.

The internet personality added, “I had to remind people. While Dogecoin influencers are selling the community to anyone, buying houses, boats, cars, rolexes… Billy, more valuable than all of them combined, is watching our backs while he can’t afford to buy a home for himself. “

Markus, on his part, made the comment:

“To be fair i personally don’t think we can protect ‘the community’ from anything since people are free to make their own decisions and the huge majority of people in crypto couldn’t care less about anything but making money. All you’ll see is things repeat themselves forever.”

He added: “I am saying a few things. Most people in crypto are gamblers. Even ordinary people will justify their decisions after making them, so it’s hard to convince them of anything. My only choice was that I didn’t feel right about encouraging people to do anything.”

According to the tech leader, the crypto sector hasn’t evolved in a decade, therefore he no longer has faith in it. This comes after Jackson Palmer, a fellow co-founder of DOGE who is now anti-crypto, revealed that Markus had blocked him on Twitter.