Binance Delists 6 Trading Pairs: Will It Impact the Token Prices?

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Binance Delists 6 Trading Pairs: Will It Impact the Token Prices?
  • Binance announces the delisting of six trading pairs, slated to occur on April 12, 2024.
  • The pairs include BAKE/BNB, ID/TUSD, MBOX/BNB, OP/TUSD, RDNT/TUSD and UNI/BNB.
  • Users are urged to update or cancel their spot trading bots to avoid potential losses.

In a recent revelation, Binance announced the platform’s decision to delist six large trading pairs: BAKE/BNB, ID/TUSD, MBOX/BNB, OP/TUSD, RDNT/TUSD, and UNI/BNB.

Binance makes regular reviews of its trading pairs, which may occasionally result in the delisting of some of the pairs to foster high-quality trading. As per the platform’s official announcement,

To protect users and maintain a high quality trading market, Binance conducts periodic reviews of all listed spot trading pairs, and may delist selected spot trading pairs due to multiple factors, such as poor liquidity and trading volume.

However, Binance ensured that the delisting would not affect the availability of the tokens on Binance Spot. While the platform will terminate the Spot Trading Bots of the mentioned trading pairs on April 12, 2024, at 3.00 UTC, customers could trade the base tokens available on Binance.

Further, Binance has requested that users update or cancel their Spot Trading Bots before these pairs’ delisting to avoid any potential losses. While these tokens have experienced notable price swings following Binance’s announcement, investors are keenly observing the market for further developments.

In related news, Binance CEO Richard Teng declared that the company has moved past the legal crises related to the previous allegations and the $4.3 billion settlement. He asserted that the company is moving into “greater maturity.” He further added, 

We are looking at sustainability; the direction of travel is very clear towards much more compliance, which is why we’re building up a very robust compliance program.

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