Binance Charity and Children of Heroes Foundation Unite for Ukraine’s Youth

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Binance Charity and Children of Heroes Foundation Unite for Ukraine's Youth
  • Collaboration between Binance Charity and the Children of Heroes Foundation offers crucial support to children affected by the Ukraine conflict.
  • “I Am da Vinci” camp provides essential psychological counseling to help children process trauma.
  • Support from Binance Charity showcases the transformative role of philanthropy in aiding war-affected populations.

The ongoing war in Ukraine inexorably takes a huge human cost from its civilians, particularly its children, who are the main victims of this conflict. As highlighted by Binance in a blog post, with over 10,670 confirmed civilian deaths since the conflict began, the need for support and healing for these young individuals has never been more urgent.

In response to this dire situation, Binance Charity has partnered with the Children of Heroes Foundation, a Ukrainian charity fund, to launch the “I Am da Vinci” therapeutic camp aimed at aiding children who have tragically lost their parents in the ongoing conflict.

The Binance Campus and Children of Heroes Foundation partnership is an initiative that is meant to improve the survival chances of war victims through a caring and supportive network system that will enable them to soldier on through hardships. At the heart of this initiative is the recognition that every child deserves love and security, particularly in the face of adversity. 

Kyrylo Khomiakov, Binance Regional Head for CEE & Central Asia, emphasized the organization’s commitment to supporting initiatives that alleviate suffering and restore hope for these vulnerable children.

Grieving children attending the camp will have the opportunity to express their experiences through various creative means, including activities, competitions, and tasks promoting self-expression and intellectual growth. Crucially, essential psychological counseling services will be provided throughout the camp to help children process emotions, understand losses, and cope with the impacts of traumatic experiences.

The program aims to achieve this by creating a warm and comfortable space where the children can develop strong bonds with others who have the same experiences as they do. Support for this camp has been completely covered by the willing donors who have partnered with Binance Charity.

Since the war started, Children of Heroes, created by Danylo Pasko, has been the most influential and life-changing organization for those who are traumatized by the conflict in Ukraine. Through acknowledging the psychological long-term effects of the war on kids, they have committed themselves to the overall support of children in order to ensure their normal social life and ability to build a brighter future.

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