Bitcoin 2024 Launches Groundbreaking CLE Program on Digital Assets

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Bitcoin 2024 Launches Press Release

BTC Media, LLC, the organization behind the world’s largest Bitcoin conference, announces a Continuing Legal Education (CLE) program as part of the Bitcoin 2024 conference. The CLE program will take place on July 24 at the Music City Center in Nashville, Tennessee.

In an era where the legal implications of digital assets are increasingly complex, this CLE program provides essential continuing education for professionals navigating the intricate landscape of digital asset regulations and their practical implications. Designed to address the expanding convergence of Bitcoin with legal disciplines, the program underscores the urgency for clear regulations and details the growing impact of digital assets across various legal scenarios—including investment custody arrangements, mining, Money Transmitter Licensing (MTLs), mergers and acquisitions, bankruptcy resolutions, and more.     

Program Highlights Include:

  • Bitcoin: Technology & Regulation Explained — An in depth analysis of Bitcoin’s foundational technology and regulatory framework.
  • Bitcoin and the Bill of Rights — An exploration of how Bitcoin intersects with fundamental rights such as privacy and freedom of expression.
  • Investing Structures & Custody: Legal Insights — Insightful discussions on the intricacies of financial structures like Bitcoin ETFs, IRAs, and custody arrangements.

The Bitcoin 2024 CLE program, approved for 7.25 hours of accreditation in Tennessee, caters not only to attorneys but also to startup founders, corporate legal teams, policymakers, and compliance professionals, providing a platform to enhance their understanding and engage in high-level networking. This is the premier event to meet potential clients, network with top law firms, and connect with a global community of legal experts and thought leaders.

Registration Details

Participants interested in deepening their legal acumen and expanding their professional networks are encouraged to secure their CLE pass or opt for the CLE & Industry Pass Bundle for an integrated multi-day conference experience. For registration and more information, visit: Bitcoin 2024 CLE Program

About Bitcoin 2024

Bitcoin 2024 is the flagship conference organized by BTC Media, LLC, renowned for hosting best-in-class events like Bitcoin Asia, Bitcoin Amsterdam, and Bitcoin MENA. As the largest gathering of its kind, Bitcoin 2024 is the premier destination for thought leadership and innovation, offering unparalleled opportunities for high-level professional connections and shaping the global discourse within the Bitcoin space.

Join us at Bitcoin 2024 for an unmatched opportunity to explore the evolving landscape of law and digital assets.

For further details about the conference and additional inquiries, please visit: Bitcoin 2024

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