Bitcoin Climbs Above $47K Amid Mixed Options Market Signals

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  • According to, available information suggests that ETF approvals are imminent.
  • Increased FOMO during the US trading hours on Monday pushed Bitcoin price above $47,000.
  • noted that the options market is giving mixed signals for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

According to, the platform that provides analytics tools for option traders, available information suggests that ETF approvals are imminent. Using its account on X, the platform noted increased Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) sentiment during the US trading hours on Monday, leading to Bitcoin reaching a new high of $47,000.

The analytics platform also noted that the options market is giving mixed signals, considering that short-term implied volatility (IV) has fallen sharply. shared a chart of the current at-the-money (ATM) option IV, showing that the current ATM option IV for June 11 has fallen below 90%, reducing by 30% in a few hours, with other terms also declining significantly.

Furthermore, noted block trades have been relatively muted and dominated by selling calls and buying puts. According to the analytics firm, institutional investors started to short the ETF market when it was at its peak of momentum, leading to increased uncertainty on what the future may hold for the markets.

From data shared by, Call Blocked rose by 23.37% within the period under review, and Call Sells followed with a 19.71% increase, while Call Buys rose by 19.32%. Put Blocked climbed 13.11%, with Put Buys increasing by 13.07%, while Put Sells rose by 11.42%.

Data from TradingView showed that Bitcoin opened trading on Monday at $43,936 and fell to a daily low of $43,241 before surging past $47,000 to reach a new yearly high of $47,281. The flagship cryptocurrency dropped slightly to close at $46,995, marking an overall profit of 6.97% for the trading day.

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