Bitcoin Regains $63K as Japan Public Firm Migrates to BTC-only Reserve

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  • Metaplanet adopts Bitcoin as its main treasury asset in response to Japan’s economic challenges.
  • The company boasts a Bitcoin portfolio of 117.7 BTC worth $32.71 million.
  • Bitcoin value reclaimed $63K amid Metaplanet’s new BTC-only reserver policy.

Metaplanet, a Japanese public company listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, has unveiled a white paper detailing its decision to adopt Bitcoin as its primary treasury reserve asset. This strategic pivot comes as a response to Japan’s persistent economic challenges, which include high levels of government debt, enduring negative real interest rates, and a weakening yen.

Metaplanet’s white paper outlines a “Bitcoin-first, Bitcoin-only” approach, departing from traditional treasury management strategies. The company strongly believes in Bitcoin’s fundamental advantages over traditional currencies, other stores of value, and different crypto-assets. 

Furthermore, Metaplanet hails Bitcoin as an “absolutely scarce digital synthetic monetary commodity” with a fixed supply cap of 21 million coins. According to the paper, this feature sets Bitcoin apart from other monetary systems and commodities.

Contrary to widespread criticism, Metaplanet champions Bitcoin’s Proof-of-Work (PoW) consensus mechanism as a critical advantage. The white paper highlights the mining difficulty adjustment, which ensures that the cost of producing new bitcoins increases over time, as a unique attribute that distinguishes Bitcoin from traditional commodities.

Looking ahead, Metaplanet plans to leverage various capital market instruments to grow its Bitcoin reserves. This strategy seeks to protect the company’s balance sheet from the yen’s devaluation and establish Metaplanet as a forward-thinking investment vehicle on the global stage. 

By capitalizing on Japan’s unique position with low global capital costs, the company aims to enhance its competitive edge internationally. According to public records, Metaplanet holds 117.7 BTC, valued at $32.71 million. 
The news of Metaplanet migrating to a Bitcoin-only reserve has had a notable impact on the value of BTC. At press time, Bitcoin has increased by over 3% to reclaim the $63K threshold following the news.

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