Bitfinex Securities Enters Bond Market With $84B-stablecoin USDt

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  • Bitfinex Securities launches ALT2611 tokenized bond in USDt with a 10% annual yield.
  • Mikro Kapital, a Luxembourg-based fund management company, will issue the bond.
  • Tether’s Paolo Ardoino hails the innovation as a new era in capital raises for deep liquid markets.

Leading digital asset broker Bitfinex Securities has recently announced the coming of a new tokenized bond, Alternative (ALT2611), denominated in the largest stablecoin, Tether USD (USDt). Bitfinex Securities proclaimed the development in a recent post on the X platform, noting that the countdown for the new tokenized bond has begun.

According to the official notification, ALT2611 is a bond with a 36-month maturity term. The report noted it “primarily acquires risks connected to debt and equity of micro-financing companies, small financial institutions, leasing companies, banks.” Notably, Mikro Kapital, the securitization fund management company based in Luxembourg, will issue the USDt-dominated bond.

Furthermore, Bitfinex Securities highlighted that the new tokenized bond has a ten percent “annual yield with coupons paid quarterly.” While ALT2611 will sell at $100 USDt, the minimum capital commitment expected of investors is 125,000 USDt. The tokenized bond will be live 20 days from now in November.

Paolo Ardoino, the incoming CEO of Tether, the firm issuing USDt, reacted to the development in a recent tweet. Ardoino underscored that the coming tokenized bond is the first to be listed on Bitfinex Securities. Therefore, the Tether executive proclaimed, “A new era for capital raises through deep liquid markets and stock/fond markets has begun.”

Besides, Ardoino emphasized the role the USDt stablecoin will play in the new financial ecosystem. It is worth mentioning that USDt is the most prominent stablecoin with a market valuation exceeding $84 billion. Also, the Tether executive noted that Alternative (ALT2611) leverages the liquidity of Blockstream, the acclaimed global leader in Bitcoin and timechain technology.

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