Blockchain One of Seven Tech Families That Will Transform Economy: CZ

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  • Changpeng Zhao’s tweet “Blockchain is one of the seven technology families quote from somewhere”, raises various opinions.
  • Twitter users say that sooner or later companies will migrate to blockchain.
  • The quote is apparently from the UK’s Innovation Strategy published in July 2021.

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao’s (CZ) Twitter post which argues that blockchain is one of the seven families of technology to change the future was in the spotlight of the crypto community. In the post, Zhao also admits that he does not know what the remaining six are or the source of this idea.

Regarding the topic, popular Twitter account SatoshiClub, said:

Sooner or later, all companies will migrate to blockchain technology.

The tweet had the crypto community look at it from numerous viewpoints. While some crypto enthusiasts were amazed at seeing blockchain and Artificial Intelligence pinned into one category, others  tried to find out or guess the source and the technologies Zhao was ignorant of.

One Web 3.0 enthusiast commented on the post saying that although Zhao did not have the source for the quote, it didn’t take away the fact that this is actual facts.

When everyone was scrutinizing the content and the facts of the Tweet, an entrepreneur and crypto enthusiast was focused more on the source the quote came from. The individual who found the source of the quote took to Twitter with a referral to the Finance Minister of the UK.

Apparently, as per the UK’s Innovation Strategy published in July 2021 which the above-said entrepreneur refers to, the seven families of technology are mentioned. The UK’s Strategy says that the seven families of technologies are Advanced Materials and Manufacturing, AI, Digital and Advanced Computing, Bioinformatics and Genomics, Engineering Biology, Electronics, Photonics and Quantum, Energy and Environment Technologies, and Robotics and Smart Machines.

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