BlockDAG Surpasses $30.6M in Presale Revenue Following Dashboard Upgrade, as Experiences Dips & Shiba Inu Surges

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Explore how BlockDAG’s upgraded Dashboard and Roadmap led to a $28.3 million presale, outshining Ethereum Price Predictions and Polkadot Smart Contracts. Press Release

What happens when a technological upgrade grabs the attention of the entire cryptocurrency community? BlockDAG’s recent dashboard enhancement has achieved just that, captivating both investors and analysts. With presale earnings exceeding $30.6.8 million, BlockDAG is reinforcing its reputation as a pioneer in the cryptocurrency arena.

This success occurs as witnesses a decline in its value while the Shiba Inu ecosystem is expanding. BlockDAG’s improvements have upgraded the user experience and highlighted its commitment to state-of-the-art technology, establishing a new standard for blockchain platforms.

Shiba Inu Ecosystem: Expansion and Innovation

Shiba Inu (SHIB), celebrated for its active community and meme-centric origin, has taken significant steps by integrating ShibaSwap with the Shibarium blockchain. This move, aimed at enhancing scalability and cost-effectiveness, has increased the burn rate of SHIB tokens, which may boost their value as their availability decreases.

ShibaSwap, now with over $25 million in locked tokens and a daily trading volume of $1.7 million, enables users to create new liquidity pools, swap tokens, and collect transaction fees. This growth not only leverages scalability but also boosts trading strategies and liquidity management within the Shiba Inu community.

Recently,’s price dropped from $2.0683 to $2.02, with a minor recovery to $2.03. The heightened trading volume indicates a possible sell-off, causing a 1.78% drop in market capitalization to $1.72 billion. Despite a 12.55% increase in trading volume to $175 million, the overall market mood remains tentative, with many investors considering offloading their holdings.

The emergence of a potential “death cross” and a downtrend in network growth suggest bearish tendencies. The crucial support level stands at $1.96, with potential recoveries up to $2.26 and $2.46. While the sentiment is guarded, the rise in trading volume might signal a revival if critical support levels are maintained.

BlockDAG: Spearheading Crypto Investments with Innovative Features

BlockDAG is distinguishing itself in the cryptocurrency landscape with its systematic presale approach and pioneering dashboard features. The latest dashboard is crafted to boost user experience and transparency. It allows users to access fresh announcements, monitor their rankings and purchases, and manage their wallets.

The leaderboard preview displays top purchases, and the transaction section offers a comprehensive purchase history and real-time transaction updates. The referral and profile pages enhance the dashboard’s overall functionality, simplifying investment tracking and management for users.

BlockDAG conducts its presale in 45 batches, offering fair early investment opportunities. Currently, in batch 14, priced at $0.0085 per coin, BlockDAG has raised more than $30.6.8 million and has made significant appearances in Shibuya, Las Vegas, and Piccadilly Circus.

Furthermore, BlockDAG’s platform, which supports low-code/no-code smart contract creation, significantly reduces entry barriers for decentralized application (dApp) development. This facility allows even those with minimal programming skills to design and launch dApps swiftly, promoting innovation and broadening the ecosystem. By easing the development process, BlockDAG enhances user involvement and expedites the growth and adoption of its network.

BlockDAG’s Dashboard Marks a Major Development

As Shiba Inu and continue to innovate within the cryptocurrency space, BlockDAG’s structured presale, now in its 14th batch with over $30.6 million raised, alongside advanced dashboard capabilities, places it as a prime candidate for the fastest-growing crypto investment. Its innovative approach ensures transparency and user engagement, offering a lucrative opportunity for those seeking to invest in the next major wave in cryptocurrency.

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