BlockDAG’s New Dashboard and Roadmap Propel $28.3M Presale, Beats Polkadot Smart Contracts

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Explore how BlockDAG’s upgraded Dashboard and Roadmap led to a $28.3 million presale, outshining Ethereum Price Predictions and Polkadot Smart Contracts. Press Release

BlockDAG is making a significant impact in the crypto market with its innovative dashboard features and a well-defined roadmap. Investors are taking notice, leading to a remarkable $28.3 million presale. BlockDAG’s dashboard, featuring current rank and a leaderboard preview, provides users with valuable insights and fosters a competitive environment.

Meanwhile, Ethereum price predictions remain uncertain, and Polkadot Smart Contracts are still developing. By focusing on user engagement and future growth, BlockDAG stands out as a top layer 1 crypto, promising substantial returns.

As of May 2024, Ethereum (ETH) is trading at $2,904, reflecting a minor 0.47% decline over the last 24 hours. Despite bullish efforts, Ethereum’s price remains locked in a bearish triangle, signalling potential further declines. Recent price action shows a 31% drop from its March peak of $4,000, with buyers managing to halt the downtrend around $2,870. This critical support level is now the battleground where bulls and bears vie for control.

Ethereum’s future remains uncertain, as technical indicators like the 50-day exponential moving average and the Relative Strength Index (RSI) favor sellers. A break below the $2,870 support could push ETH down to $2,800 or even $2,200. Investors keen on Ethereum price predictions should closely monitor these key levels.

Enhancing Blockchain with Polkadot Smart Contracts

Polkadot is taking significant steps to enhance its blockchain capabilities by introducing smart contracts. Polkadot’s Relay Chain doesn’t natively support smart contracts, but this new initiative leverages the ink! smart contract language, enabling developers to create seamless, DOT-integrated solutions. This development is poised to address one of Polkadot’s major pain points and fuel its growth.

With the Pop Network’s solution now live on the Paseo testnet, Polkadot is gearing up for its 2.0 vision. This includes advancements like Asynchronous Backing, Elastic Scaling, and Agile Coretime, all aimed at boosting the network’s efficiency and scalability.

Explore BlockDAG’s New Dashboard Features with Updated Roadmap 1X miner app Focus

BlockDAG’s upgraded dashboard offers users a comprehensive suite of features designed to provide valuable insights and enhance the user experience. The Current Rank feature allows users to see their rank and the purchase amounts needed to move up. The leaderboard preview highlights top purchasers, fostering a competitive environment. Other features include transaction previews, referral screens, and detailed profiles, making it easy for users to track their investments and performance.

Besides BlockDAG’s New Dashboard is an ambitious and well-structured updated roadmap, segmented into four phases. The initial development phase. The development phase and strategic partnerships, the launch phase, and finally, the closing presale and mainnet launch phase. One of the standout elements of BlockDAG’s roadmap plans is the X1 Miner app.

Designed for ease of use, the app will include features like a wallet module, send/receive functionalities, and a leaderboard to track user performance. With features like community sections and seamless onboarding, the X1 Miner app aims to simplify the mining process and foster community engagement.

These roadmap and dashboard upgrades have significantly attracted investors, as evidenced by the rapid progression of presale batches. The presale has now reached Batch 13 at $0.008 and has collected $28.3 million, showcasing strong investor confidence and promising substantial returns.

Final Verdict

BlockDAG ‘s dashboard updates with innovative features and advancements to its roadmap are placing it higher than major players like Ethereum and Polkadot. While Ethereum’s price prediction remains a key concern for investors and Polkadot’s smart contracts signal promising growth, BlockDAG upgrades offer a unique blend of insights, user engagement, and future potential.

These key developments have resulted in investors’ attraction, pushing presale to $28.3 million from the sale of over 9.2 billion BDAG coins. The opportunity for significant returns is clear. Don’t miss out! Visit BlockDAG’s website and invest in the presale to be part of this groundbreaking journey in the top layer 1 crypto space.

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