Cardano Co-founder Hoskinson Quips About the Ethereum Merge

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  • Charles Hoskinson criticized Ethereum for hurting the crypto industry.
  • Hoskinson mentioned —Ethereum enthusiasts preferred the technology and events before The Merge.
  • Hoskinson claimed that Ethereum completely ignored Ouroboros in the last five years.

Charles Hoskinson, the co-founder of IOHK and Cardano, has criticized Ethereum for hurting the crypto industry, on Twitter. 

In the Twitter thread, Cardano’s founder claimed the Ethereum crowd was so obsessed with Hoskinson’s six months in 2014. Hoskinson further mentioned that the Ethereum enthusiasts really liked the technology and events from 2014, before The Merge.

Hoskinson further mentioned that major differences were seen in Ethereum’s protocol design. Cardano’s co-founder repeatedly pointed out that the core engineers of Ethereum completely ignored Ouroboros throughout the last five years. 

On September 26, Hoskinson posted on his official Twitter account:

We are a cult beholden to an evil, sociopathic, but incompetent pathological lying founder who somehow has stumbled upon stolen success, but will be in jail any moment now when the world wakes up. It would be offensive if it wasn’t so batshit crazy.

Additionally, Hoskinson claimed that the end result is that it just hurts the crypto industry, adoption, and collaboration. This meant that many crypto users are now forced into design decisions that would hurt them instead of helping them.

Moreover, Cardano’s co-founder mentioned that  Cardano continues to deliver on its potential to be something better for the world’s systems after every hard fork combinator event. Cardano’s community continues to grow and evolve.

Hoskinson claimed that the Cardano community has been good at solving real-life problems. Hoskinson also mentioned that he was proud of the progress of the Cardano community and promises the community would change the crypto industry’s behavior.

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