Cardano Dominates Developer Engagement with ADA Soaring 80%

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Cardano Dominates Developer Engagement with ADA Soaring 80%
  • Cardano leads Ethereum, Avalanche, Algorand, and Tron in developer contributions.
  • Data shows Cardano developers pushed 23,248 GitHub commits since 2023.
  • ADA has seen an impressive rise of over 80% since last year, reaching a price of $0.6407.

Data from market intelligence firm IntoTheBlock has established Cardano (ADA) as the most actively developing crypto blockchain. In a recent post on X, IntoTheBlock disclosed that Cardano continuously leads the pack among blockchain networks in terms of developer engagement.

Per the disclosure, Cardano outranks Bitcoin (BTC), Dogecoin (DOGE), Avalanche (AVAX), Algorand (ALGO), and Tron (TRX) in developer activities. Moreover, Cardano outshines even the largest smart contract network, Ethereum.

Furthermore, the chart accompanying the tweet suggested Cardano’s cumulative developer contributions are above the 450k commits threshold. Meanwhile, Ethereum developers recorded below 442k commits. Next to Cardano and Ethereum was Avalanche (AVAX), with developer commits notably above the 162.75k threshold.

Meanwhile, data from Crypto Metheus ranked crypto project Internet Computer (ICP) above Cardano in developer engagements over the past year. It suggested that ICP leads with 23,742 GitHub commits across 80 core repositories since 2023. 

Cardano followed next with 23,248 GitHub commits across 550 core repositories during the same period. Moreover, within the last seven days, 55 core developers contributed 248 commits across 55 core repositories on GitHub for Cardano. 

While Cardano eminently leads other prominent blockchains, its current figures mark notable declines on weekly and monthly scales. Over the past week, there was a negative 43.38% change in the number of individual developers involved compared to the previous month. These developers made 624 commit contributions during the week, marking a decrease of 51.78% compared to the previous month.

The top repositories contributing to Cardano developments include Cardano Wallet, Hydra, Mithril, Catalyst, Marlowe, Cardano Ledger, and Plutus. 

In terms of price action, the increased developer activity on Cardano has likely contributed to ADA’s price surge. ADA has seen an impressive rise of over 80% since last year, reaching a price of $0.6407.

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