Cardano Foundation Releases New Series Focused on SPOs

Last Updated:
  • Cardano Foundation released the first entry to its new series highlighting active SPOs in the Cardano community.
  • The Foundation aims to focus on the ecosystem’s builders.
  • The first entry focuses on the SHARP Stake Pool.

The Cardano Foundation released a series highlighting the most active Stake Pool Operators (SPOs) in the Cardano community. The series is called “Stake Pool Operators You Should Know About” with the first entry focusing on SHARP Stake Pool.

Read the Cardano Foundation’s official Twitter post on September 8:

Kyle Johns, SHARP Stake Pool’s operator, said that he set up the pool during the Haskell Testnet, with the mission of contributing their .NET library to Cardano developers. He went on to say that the two most popular projects, CardanoSharp Wallet and CardanoSharp.Koios, which have 21,000 and 5,000 downloads, respectively, were only made possible by the Cardano Foundation’s delegation strategy.

Johns also summarized the pool’s upcoming projects. Talon is a desktop light wallet, Cscli is a light command line interface, SaturnNFT is an NFT platform, and so on.

Previously, the Cardano Foundation refocused its delegation methodology to support those building on the Cardano ecosystem. They supported ecosystem builders and contributors with the successful implementation of Alonzo and the unlocked smart contract capabilities.

After three rounds of delegation, the Cardano Foundation wanted to shift the focus on the ecosystem’s builders. Thus, the “Stake Pool Operators You Should Know” series was released.

Decentralization is and always will be one of the core pillars of the Cardano blockchain, however, with the successful implementation of Alonzo and smart contract capabilities unblocked, we felt it as more important than ever to attract and support ecosystem builders and contributors.

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