Cardano Founder States X Engagement with Developments was to Showcase, Not to Endorse

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Cardano Founder States X Engagement with Developments was to Showcase, Not to Endorse
  • Cardano’s Founder states he used Twitter to showcase developments, not to endorse.
  • The Cardano founder seeks to refrain from endorsing projects that might be shady.
  • Charles Hoskinson said that he would cancel multiple Twitter Spaces sessions.

In a live broadcast from Colorado, Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano, addressed the community, sharing insights into the Cardano ecosystem and discussing changes to the project, showcasing the process.

Hoskinson, a key figure in the blockchain space, highlighted Cardano’s pioneering role in the ecosystem, engaging with various projects like World Mobile, Axo, and Sunday Swap. Some of these projects received investments from the Cardano Foundation’s fund, while others were showcased without any direct affiliation.

The founder explained his recent efforts to use Twitter Spaces as a platform to engage with different projects were not an endorsement but rather a showcase of the diverse developments within the Cardano blockchain. He acknowledged the criticism often faced by Cardano, characterized as a ‘ghost chain’ lacking active projects.

However, Hoskinson raised concerns about the unintended consequences of showcasing, as some viewers mistakenly perceived it as a wholesale endorsement of the projects, including their economic models and founders’ behaviors.

“We are not an investigative agency. We don’t go audit all of these things and look into the conduct of the founders, score things for governance, give people a report card and say you got an A versus a B, or we have some concerns here or there,” Hoskinson said.

In light of recent issues with a scheduled Twitter Space involving a Cardano project, Hoskinson announced a temporary suspension of such showcases. He expressed the need to implement more rigorous processes, including baseline evaluations and higher production quality formats, to ensure an open and objective representation of projects.

“I’m going to do is dial back a little bit my showcase and cancel some of the X spaces that are upcoming, and we’re going to reset and reformat things,” he confirmed.Hoskinson, who has been a strong supporter of algorithmic stablecoins, aims to debut open showcases where community members can directly question a project’s team and ask them to address their concerns.

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