Cardano Ranks First in Development Activity; DOT and KSM Follow

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Cardano Explosion Is Setting Up
  • Santiment reveals the top cryptocurrencies, considering their development activity over the past 30 days. 
  • Cardano ranks first in development activity, with 502.57 notable github commits.
  • DOT and KSM share the second position, boasting 484.23 github commits.

Cardano’s (ADA) has been garnering attention with its highest development activity in the past 30 days. Polkadot (DOT) and Kusama (KSM) are also on track, sharing the second position in development activity.

Today, Santiment, a market intelligence platform, published a post on X, sharing insights on the top cryptocurrencies by development activity. On the top of the list are ADA, DOT, KSM, HBAR, APT, SNT, LINK, ATOM, ETH, and VEGA.

Over the last month, Cardano has recorded the highest development activity, with 502.57 notable Github commits. The current record shows a slight decrease from last month’s data when ADA boasted 611.47 GitHub commits, according to Santiment. However, compared to the previous months that placed ADA in the third position, ADA’s development activity has surged since then.

Currently, Cardano, trading at $0.3537, is moving on a bullish track, marking a hike of 2.88% in one day. Over the past seven days, the altcoin has shown a remarkable surge of 18.01%. Also, ADA has grown by 34.87% over the past 30 days. With a market cap of $12,450,368,908, ADA secures its 8th rank.

DOT and KSM are in the second position on the list, recording the same Github commits valued at 484.23. The price trajectory of these altcoins is also in an ascending mode, with DOT trading at $4.99 and KSM at $26.34. While DOT marks a surge of 5.28%, KSM exhibits a rise of 1.03%.

In the third position lies Hedera (HBAR), boasting a notable Github commits of 353.67. Aptos (APT) and Status (SNT) closely follow with 338.77 and 335.87 Github commits, respectively. Despite maintaining the second-largest position in cryptocurrencies by market cap, Ethereum is ranked 9 by development activity, with 287.67 github commits. 

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