Charles Hoskinson Draws Criticism From XRP Army Over Previous Statements

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  • Mr. Huber called out Charles Hoskinson over previous statements where he disregarded XRP’s complaints against the SEC. 
  • The analyst alleged that Hoskinson sided with the SEC then, hoping to get legal clarity on ADA. 
  • Hoskinson said the allegations by Ripple against the SEC remain conspiracies unless proven otherwise.

Cardano’s founder, Charles Hoskinson, is in the cryptocurrency spotlight again today after a reputed XRP community member, Mr. Huber, called out Hoskinson on his previous statements regarding Ripple’s complaints about corruption within the ranks of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.  

Indeed, Mr. Huber shared a compilation of videos where Hoskinson referred to the XRP community as conspirational. His comments followed complaints about the SEC’s attitude towards Ripple, along with allegations of the SEC favoring Ethereum. 

“I’m sorry, @IOHK_Charles, but for two years you did everything you could to make the #XRPcommunity to look ridiculous and embarrass us in public,” Mr. Huber remarked, and continued, “I know you offered peace, but only to come out of nowhere and call us crazy conspiracy theorists again. No, look at you. It’s funny what can happen in a year, isn’t it?”

According to Mr. Huber, Hoskinson helped in the “trivialization and cover-up of Joseph Lubin’s corruption” as a way to bring clarity to Cardano. However, the analyst added that it worked against the founder, with the SEC now classifying Cardano’s native token, ADA, as a security. 

In response to the callout, Hoskinson held his ground, stating that allegations that Joe Lubin bribed the SEC to go after Ripple are conspiracies. “Still waiting on a single piece of evidence for the latter. If you cannot provide it, then yes, you are spreading conspiracies and slander. That’s what this has been about for two years now. And somehow you guys still fight,” he tweeted

While responding to a user, Hoskinson noted that the allegations from the Ripple community are about “Joe bribing the SEC to go after Ripple.” He continued that his dismissal of the allegations had nothing to do with whether Ethereum got a free pass from the SEC. 

His comments have since drawn criticism from members of the XRP community. Elsewhere, Hoskinson accused Bitcoin Maxis of lobbying U.S. government agencies to “criminalize anything but Bitcoin.”

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