Coinbase Chronicles Its Wallet Features Released in August

Last Updated:
  • Coinbase rolled out a bunch of web3 developments in August.
  • From bridging between different blockchains to supporting Solana dApps, several features were released.
  • Coinbase is bringing new updates and features to its wallet every month.

In a recent Twitter thread, Coinbase summarized the features and improvements that the exchange released in August. The thread highlights the fleet of wallet developments that the exchange released for the wallet users.

August has witnessed several feature rollouts during the month. One of the primary features was the ability to directly buy ETH, MATIC, and USDC on Polygon and Solana. This feature will make access to gaming and DeFi easy on multiple networks.

Another feature of the wallet allows users to bridge between Ethereum and Polygon directly in the wallet. Coinbase also released support for dApps. This will help wallet users explore the Solana ecosystem with the wallet extension.

Coinbase also added new web3 gaming integrations to the wallet. This allows users to explore web3 gaming with several games mentioned in their tweets.

Coinbase wallet is generally a crypto wallet that users can utilize to trade cryptocurrency without using the main Coinbase exchange.

In addition to normal wallet features, the wallet also allows users to store and manage NFTs. Not just that, Coinbase has rolled out the feature to support dApps.

Coinbase also summarized the tweet by highlighting that the platform releases new features and updates to its wallet every month. It also cautioned users to stay away from impersonators asking for users’ recovery phase.

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