CoinW Launches Expedition Trek to increase Web3 education

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CoinW Launches Expedition Trek to increase Web3 education Press Release

CoinW, a leading crypto asset trading platform, has today kicked off its Expedition Trek at the Museum of the Future in Dubai, featuring panelists from projects such as Solana, Metamask, Animoca, Tether and Dubai Blockchain Centre.

The event is keen to facilitate meaningful dialogue within the Web3 ecosystem. It will consist of roundtables and workshops that deepen understanding and foster innovation in blockchain, crypto, fintech, and DeFi.

Specific topics of discussion will include: the Bitcoin ETF & regulation, the evolution of Crypto and Fintech regulation, the future of programmable money and CBDCs, and the blockchain ecosystem in Dubai.

This debut event of the Expedition Trek marks the launch of a spree of other events of its kind. Over the next 6 months, CoinW will visit Hong Kong, Texas, Amsterdam, Rio De Janeiro, and Cape Town, in conjunction with key Web3 events such as Consensus and Money 20/20, to enrich audiences and inspire the next generation of DeFi leaders.

Sonia Shaw, President of CoinW, said: “We are proud and excited to launch this year’s Expedition Trek in Dubai, the cornerstone of so much great innovation in the Web3 space right now. As we look toward the evolution of regulation and education in the DeFi space, it is imperative for us at CoinW to continue to foster an environment in which we learn and grow together. Some of the most influential names in the space will assist us in dispensing insight and foresight into what’s to come during this exciting period of transformation. We can’t wait to get started.”

The 2024 Expedition signifies a period of growth and transformation for CoinW as a project, which will be celebrating its anniversary in April. Having recently partnered with Italian footballing legend Andrea Pirlo, the project continues to explore new means of connecting with global audiences on a mature and authoritative level.

As the Expedition Trek progresses, CoinW will continue to focus on innovation and growth in key areas such as: providing seamless and intuitive DeFi tools and services, commitment to regulatory compliance, and educational community engagement.

About CoinW

CoinW is a cutting-edge crypto exchange that offers advanced financial services to empower the next generation to embrace DeFi. Serving over 10 million users across 200 countries, CoinW provides a comprehensive suite of trading options, including spot, margin, futures, options, perpetual swaps, and copy trading services. Unique features such as CoinW earn, CoinW card, and auto-invest grant users autonomy to personalize their DeFi experience. Committed to nurturing and developing talented communities of DeFi experts, CoinW works with universities and governmental institutions to provide guidance, mentorship, and curriculums to encourage and support DeFi’s integration into global infrastructure.

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