Curious About NovelAI? Here’s What You Need to Know

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In today’s digital age, there’s no shortage of AI-powered writing tools aiming to assist in crafting compelling content. But with so many choices, including big names like ChatGPT and Gemini (formerly Bard) floating around, can you tell the difference between them?

NovelAI’s Home Page

In this article, we’re diving into one intriguing option: NovelAI, a versatile platform specifically designed for storytelling and visual exploration. We’ll discover what makes NovelAI distinct, how it works, and how you can tap into its creative power.

What is NovelAI?

NovelAI is a subscription-based platform that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to assist with text and image generation. Trained on vast datasets of real literature and visual art, this AI tool has learned to understand and mimic human creativity, enabling it to generate text and images with remarkable accuracy and coherence.

As per the website

“NovelAI is a monthly subscription service for AI-assisted authorship, storytelling, virtual companionship, or simply a large language model (LLM) powered sandbox for your imagination.”

Launched in June 2021 by Anlatan, a Delaware-based software company, NovelAI started operating as a Text Generation tool. The platform utilizes advanced natural language processing (NLP) algorithms, particularly powered by Generative Pretrained Transformers (GPT), to generate text based on user prompts.

Later in October 2022, NovelAI implemented its Image Generation feature, also known as NovelAI Diffusion, which produces images based on text prompts provided by users. It uses state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms to understand and interpret natural language descriptions of images and then generates corresponding visuals.

Features of NovelAI: What makes it different?

NovelAI offers a diverse range of features designed to cater to the needs of writers and artists across various creative disciplines. From text generation to image creation, the platform provides users with powerful tools to unleash their creativity and bring their ideas to life.

Storytelling-focused Approach

While other AI tools like OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google’s Gemini are great for general writing tasks, NovelAI distinguishes itself through its specialized focus on aiding users in crafting creative stories and visuals. NovelAI is an AI-powered writing assistant designed specifically for producing novels, hence the name. Unlike other AI writing tools that may target broader content categories like marketing copy, articles, or social media posts, NovelAI is tailored for storytelling.

Literary Training Data

One of NovelAI’s strengths lies in its training data. Unlike some AI models trained on a mishmash of text sources, NovelAI draws from a corpus of real literature. This literary foundation enriches the AI’s understanding of storytelling conventions, language nuances, and character development, empowering it to generate text that resonates with readers on a deeper level.

User-Friendly Interface

NovelAI prioritizes accessibility with its intuitive and user-friendly interface. Whether you’re a seasoned writer or a novice exploring the craft of storytelling, NovelAI’s straightforward design makes the writing process seamless. Users can easily input prompts, collaborate with the AI, and refine their narratives with minimal friction.

Diverse AI Models

Another standout feature of NovelAI is its diverse array of AI models, each with its own distinctive style of text generation, catering to various creative visions. Each AI model may have different characteristics, such as the size of the training dataset, the architecture of the neural network, and the specific tasks it was trained to perform.

With models like Kayra, Clio, Krake, Euterpe, Sigurd, Genji, and Snek, writers can explore different storytelling approaches and cultural influences. Furthermore, NovelAI regularly introduces new models, ensuring a continually expanding toolkit for writers seeking innovative narrative solutions.

Custom AI Modules

AI Modules are features within the NovelAI platform that allow users to influence the AI’s behavior and output. Users can utilize default modules provided by the platform or train their custom modules using their own training data. These modules can be trained to mimic the style of a particular author, focus on a specific theme or genre, or even learn about certain characters or settings from a novel series.

Interactive Writing Experience

NovelAI fosters an interactive writing experience by encouraging collaboration between users and the AI. Writers can input prompts, review generated text, and iterate on their stories in real-time. This interactive dynamic not only enhances the creative process but also empowers writers to shape their narratives with precision and depth.

Innovative Features

In addition to text generation, NovelAI offers a suite of innovative features such as image generation and text-to-speech (TTS) capabilities. While these features may be paywalled or available on premium plans, they demonstrate NovelAI’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of AI-assisted storytelling and providing writers with versatile tools for creative expression.

How does NovelAI function as an AI storytelling tool?

How NovelAI works (Source: NovelAI)

In essence, NovelAI operates as an AI-assisted writing platform dedicated solely to the art of storytelling.

The process begins with the writer inputting a prompt or an initial piece of text, serving as the foundation for the narrative. From there, NovelAI’s AI algorithms analyze the input and generate additional text that follows the context and tone set by the writer. The process is iterative, allowing writers to refine and expand their stories collaboratively with the AI.

How to get started?

NovelAI Dashboard

To get started, users must first create an account on the NovelAI platform. Signing up is quick and easy, and it grants access to a range of features and resources once logged in.

Text Generation

NovelAI offers a plethora of options for generating text, whether you’re looking to co-write stories with AI companions, explore interactive text adventures, or discover writing prompts curated by other authors. Here’s a guide to generating text in NovelAI in 3 different modes:

  • Storyteller Mode

In this mode, users can collaborate with the AI to co-write stories. The AI contributes to the narrative based on the user’s input, providing suggestions, dialogue, and plot developments. Users can select different AI models and modules to influence the style and tone of the story.

  • Text Adventure Mode

Text Adventure mode offers an interactive storytelling experience, akin to playing a role-playing game (RPG). Users input prompts (“say”) or actions (“do”), and the AI responds with descriptive text, allowing for dynamic storytelling and exploration.

  • Scenarios

NovelAI offers preloaded writing prompts called Scenarios, created by other authors. These prompts come with preset AI configurations and notes, providing users with inspiration and guidance for their writing projects.

Image Generation

In addition to text generation, NovelAI incorporates powerful image generation capabilities.

  • Text-to-Image Generation

With a simple input of text prompts, users can summon forth vivid, visually captivating images rendered by the AI. From fantastical landscapes to captivating character portraits, the possibilities are limited only by the imagination.

  • Image-to-Image Generation

Building upon existing images or artwork, users can harness the AI’s capabilities to generate new, imaginative creations. Whether it’s refining existing artwork or exploring entirely new concepts, this feature opens up a world of artistic exploration.

  • Inpainting

The inpainting feature allows users to seamlessly edit and refine specific elements within generated images, offering a level of fine-tuning and customization that enhances creative expression.

Can you use NovelAI for free?

NovelAI offers a free trial, the Paper plan, with limited access to its features, allowing users to explore its functionalities and determine if it aligns with their requirements.

Free accounts come with limited text generations of 100 and 6,144 tokens of memory, which is about approximately 24,576 characters that the AI can remember. The memory tokens allow the AI module to remember past inputs, which can improve ongoing interactions and content development. It also includes 100 free TTS generations.

How much does NovelAI cost?

For full access to all features and enhanced capabilities, users may opt for premium subscription plans. NovelAI offers three different subscription plans, each with its own set of features and benefits.

NovelAI’s Subscription Plans

Tablet Plan

The Tablet plan is the most affordable option, priced at $10 per month. With this plan, you receive 1,000 Anlas (the platform’s in-platform tokens) and 3,072 tokens of memory, which is equivalent to approximately 12,288 characters. This plan also includes access to NovelAI’s image generation models and advanced AI TTS capabilities.

Scroll Plan

The Scroll plan is priced at $15 per month and offers the same features as the Tablet plan, but with more memory tokens. With the Scroll plan, you receive 6,144 tokens of memory.

Opus Plan

The Opus plan is the top-tier subscription option, priced at $25 per month. With this plan, you receive 10,000 Anlas and 8,192 tokens of memory, which is equivalent to approximately 32,768 characters. The Opus plan provides the highest level of memory tokens, allowing for even more extensive content development and interaction. Additionally, Opus members gain access to any new or experimental features before lower-level members.

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