Do Kwon Should Be Jailed Based on Leaked Conversation: Neuner

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  • Ran Neuner thinks that Do Kwon should be jailed for a long time.
  • Neuner expressed his disappointment with Kwon, after supporting him for a long time.
  • Kwon was involved in an implicating email conversation with Daniel Shin.

After recent findings, Ran Neuner, founder of Crypto Banter, thinks that Do Kwon, co-founder of the defunct Terraform Labs, should be jailed for a long time. Neuner posted this on X (formerly Twitter) while expressing his disappointment with Kwon, someone he claimed to have always supported.

According to Neuner, he always stood up for Kwon on the assumption that his intentions were genuine. The CNBC crypto trader said he thought Kwon genuinely tried to change the money system before his venture failed. Unknown to him, it was a scam, carefully planned and executed.

Neuner shared the screenshot of an implicating email conversation between Kwon and Daniel Shin. In the shared conversation, Kwon explained to Shin how he would discretely execute his plot without discernment from those who could prove his project was fake.

While Shin probed Kwon’s plans, he didn’t appear to discourage him from the plot. He sounded like an accomplice who queried the proposed method with the fear of being caught. In one of his responses, Shin asked, “Why not just do what others do and give out the inflation of Terra?”

Many respondents under Neuner’s post shared a similar sentiment and think Kwon should be punished for a criminal offense. Thyrone Cameron, one of the respondents, simply said that Kwon was so shady, while another respondent with the identity Theodorex the shared evidence instantly makes Kwon as criminal as SBF

In a contrary submission, Chris Amani, CEO of Terra Money, watered down the significance of the shared conversation. According to Amani, it was an inelegant private conversation about the need to bootstrap validators to ensure the chain’s security. He noted that such is done through inflationary rewards in many cosmos chains today. He claimed that Terra relied only on fees, so they needed another way to do it and ended up with Project Santa.

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