Ethereum Merge Scheduled for The Second Week of September

Last Updated:
  • The Ethereum Merge is tentatively scheduled for September 16.
  • Meanwhile, the Bellatrix fork is scheduled a week before the mainnet merge.
  • Ethereum Protocol Developer Terence Tsao reminds the community that last-minute changes may still happen.

The long-awaited Ethereum Merge is tentatively scheduled for September 16, 2022. A github post alongside tweets from Ethereum developers and community members confirmed the announcement. Meanwhile, the Bellatrix Fork required to complete the Ethereum Merge is scheduled for the first week of September.

source: GitHub

A github post titled “Tentative mainnet TTD” specified the date of the Merge. The numbers alongside the date, “58750000000000000000000”, refer to the TTD or Total Terminal Difficulty which signifies the beginning of Proof-of-Stake (PoS) and the end of Proof-of-Work (PoW).

Moreover, Tim Beiko committed the Github post and also tweeted the TTD numbers to the Ethereum community.

The Ethereum community largely celebrated the tentative announcement. Most of the community quote tweeted Beiko’s tweet with excitement and called September 16 a historic date. Prominent personalities in the Ethereum community shared their thoughts on the merge with just as much excitement as the rest of the community.

Meanwhile, Ethereum Protocol Developer Terence Tsao tweeted the schedule for the Bellatrix fork. According to Tsao, the fork is scheduled for September 6, 2022 – one week before the scheduled Ethereum Merge. Tsao clarified, however, that last-minute changes due to unforeseen circumstances may still happen despite the announcement.

Note: nothing is final until it’s in client release, so do expect changes last minute due to unforeseen circumstances – @terencechain

In detail, the Bellatrix fork is the final implementation that needs to happen before the Merge can be completed. Recently, the final Ethereum network testnet, Georli, successfully transitioned to PoS from PoW. This followed the Sepolia merge and Ropsten merge on July 7 and July 9, respectively.

The Ethereum Merge is the long-awaited software upgrade that will shift the Ethereum mainnet from PoW consensus to PoS consensus. Implementing PoS will dramatically reduce Ethereum’s environmental impact while improving network efficiency. On the other hand, the shift to PoW removes the need for Ethereum miners, forcing them to seek alternative methods of income.

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