Ethereum’s Vitalik-Linked Addresses Transfer Thousands of ETH

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Ethereum’s Vitalik-Linked Addresses Transfer Thousands of ETH
  • PeckShieldAlert announced that Vitalik Buterin-related addresses have been transferring thousands of ETH tokens.
  • The address linked to Vitalik has already allocated 31,000 ETH to four separate addresses.
  • Over the past 24 hours, ETH’s price dropped by 0.09%, which left it trading at $1,637.94.

“Vitalik Buterin-related” addresses have been transferring Ethereum (ETH) tokens worth millions to exchanges, according to an X (Twitter) post shared by PeckShieldAlert earlier today. This caused many investors in the comments to speculate whether Vitalik could be gearing up to sell some of his ETH.

About 20 days ago, an address associated with Vitalik transferred approximately 999 ETH, valued at around $1.64 million, to another address. This address (0x5567) had previously received around 1,701 ETH from the same Vitalik-related address (0xD04d…8fd7), and over the course of the last 20 days, these funds were moved to a Bitstamp deposit address.

Additionally, last year, the Vitalik-related address (0xD04d…8fd7) received a total of 70,000 ETH from an address labeled Vb 3. This included around 30,000 ETH on 6 May 2022, and an additional 40,000 ETH on 24 November 2022.

The address linked to Vitalik (0xD04d…8fd7) has already allocated 31,000 ETH to four separate addresses: 5,700 ETH was sent to address 0xe692…52B0, around 22,300 ETH was directed to address 0x9e92…fb8e, roughly 2,700 ETH was transferred to address 0x5567…31b1, and about 300 ETH was deposited into the Bitstamp deposit account.

In related news, ETH’s price decreased by 0.09% over the past 24 hours, according to CoinMarketCap. As a result, the leading altcoin was trading at $1,637.94, which was right between its daily peak of $1,645.65 and its 24-hour low of $1,626.09.

In the last 24 hours, the intraday trading volume of ETH surged by over 22%, reaching approximately $3.36 billion at press time. The decline in the value of this alternative cryptocurrency led to a slight extension of its negative weekly performance to -0.22%. As for its market capitalization, ETH’s value stood at around $196.92 billion.

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