eTukTuk Presale Wrapping up in the next Two Weeks — Last Chance to Invest!

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eTukTuk Presale Wrapping up in the next Two Weeks — Last Chance to Invest!

eTukTuk, a popular new P2E crypto project, is preparing to wrap up its presale. The ICO has been going on for several months now, and the project is finally ready for its official launch.

TUK Token Presale Is About To End

In a recent announcement, eTukTuk said that it is excited to announce that 400 million TUK tokens have been burned. This is a new milestone for the project, which will bring it closer to its goals. Along the way, removing such a massive amount from circulation will add value to its token, allowing the token holders to benefit.

However, the project announced an even bigger news to come in July — a teaser which has since been revealed as the end of its presale. The eTukTuk presale is finally in its last stage, and the buying widget on its website has started its last countdown. In 10 days from now, the presale will be officially over, making this the last chance to buy before the launch.


Exclusive information says that only 24 hours after the end of the ICO, eTukTuk’s token will see its first listing, launching on Uniswap at 11 am GMT on the 16th of July.

For eTukTuk’s early supporters, this marks the end of a long wait, but for everyone else, this is the last call to invest in the TUK token before it goes live and enters circulation.

eTukTuk Is Planning Something Big

Buying the TUK token now is likely a good move for several reasons. First, the token’s P2E game is rapidly growing, with over 3,000 downloads last week alone. Other than that, the launch will likely result in the TUK token’s price increase, allowing them to see considerable profits.

This is expected not only because experts believe there will be strong demand for TUK but also because the project revealed that it plans to hold multiple additional burns alongside the one it had already announced on its social media accounts.


Finally, the project revealed for Coin Edition that it is in talks with a CEX to see the listing of TUK tokens on a centralized exchange. So far, it has decided not to share which CEX it is negotiating with, wishing to make it a surprise. It should be noted that nothing has been officially confirmed as of yet, and the parties involved are still in discussion regarding the listing, but if things go well for eTukTuk, the TUK token could find itself on its first CEX before the end of the month.

For the moment, however, the TUK ICO is still ongoing, and so far, it raised over $3.54 million. It is likely that this figure will see a surge as last-minute investments start coming in, buying TUK for $0.0345 before its price blows up post-launch. If you wish to join as well, you can buy TUK with BNB, ETH, USDT, or credit/debit cards.

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