Ex Huobi Employee Leaks Users’ Private Keys via Trojan Virus: Report 

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Ex Huobi Employee Leaks Users' Private Keys via Trojan Virus: Report 
  • Recent security breach on iToken exposes customers’ private keys.
  • Law enforcement launched an investigation into the perpetrator, who is an ex-Huobi staff.
  • The assets of affected users successfully transferred to a secure wallet.

In an exclusive report, Colin Wu, a prominent Chinese reporter, revealed a significant security breach in the iToken platform, formerly known as Huobi Wallet, which has led to the leakage of customers’ private keys.

According to Wu’s tweet, the breach was orchestrated by a former employee of the renowned Huobi crypto exchange. Wu noted that the employee had planted a Trojan virus within the iToken system. As a result of the malicious action, certain user mnemonics and private keys of Huobi users were compromised.

Furthermore, the Chinese reporter disclosed that law enforcement authorities have launched an investigation into the former Huobi employee responsible for the breach. Meanwhile, he highlighted that iToken’s security system detected security risks associated with some wallet addresses, prompting swift action to protect users’ assets.

Additionally, the security agency overseeing the situation has taken proactive measures by entrusting asset protection to Refundyourcoins. Wu noted that the agency has successfully transferred the compromised funds from the affected addresses to a secure one, mitigating potential losses for affected users.

Moreover, Wu mentioned that Refundyourcoins had announced its intention to roll out a retrieval function to facilitate the recovery of assets for affected individuals. This process will span four major blockchain networks, namely Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), TRON (TRX), and XRP Ledger (XRP).

Early this year, Coin Edition reported a case of an affiliate of Huobi pulling a similar underhand means. In particular, Li Wei, a Huobi Global DAO member, was accused of acquiring a substantial quantity of HT tokens without incurring any costs through unconventional means.