Experts Highlight 10 Altcoins To Buy This Current Crypto Dip

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Experts Highlight 10 Altcoins To Buy This Current Crypto Dip
  • Crypto experts tip lesser-known DePin projects like DIMO for potential bull run gains.
  • Another favored choice was the creator-focused crypto project, DESO.
  • Other tokens noted for their potential are Vertex, KARATE, PRISMA, and RUNE.

Ran Neuner, the host of the YouTube channel, “Crypto Banter,” recently inquired from a panel of crypto experts about the tokens they are confident in for their potential and are prepared to hold during the upcoming bull season. Neuner specifically asked them to highlight less prominent projects they are confident in amid the current bearish trend.

Ishan Bhaidani, co-founder of the DeFi-based project SCRIB3, expressed his views on what he believes to be the trade of the cycle—DePin. This stands for Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks. It refers to projects that develop blockchain-based management systems for real-world facilities, such as marketplaces for computing power and real-world data.

Bhaidani highlighted a particularly intriguing DePin-based token called Dimo (DIMO). He explained that DIMO had developed a decentralized version of the hardware placed in cars to collect data for insurance discounts based on driving behavior. 

Similarly, DIMO’s solution allows users to plug the device into their cars, creating a two-sided data network. With it, users can share information, such as miles driven, with entities like car manufacturers or insurance companies. Notably, the DIMO token currently trades at $0.4896, with a market valuation of $97,104,895.

On the other hand, crypto investor “VirtualBacon” shared insights on a project called Decentralized Social (DESO). He highlighted that the project operates on two fronts. On the product side, they successfully marketed the idea of social tokens with BitClout before Friendtech gained dominance in the space. 

Now, they are transitioning from the DeFi side to the infrastructure side. At the time of reporting, the DESO token is trading at $39.59, with a 4.31% gain.

Meanwhile, José Maria Macedo, a partner at Delphi Labs, picked AstroSwap (ASTRO), a decentralized exchange (DEX) platform built on the Cardano blockchain. As outlined in the project’s whitepaper, AstroSwap strives to address existing challenges within the blockchain community while pushing trading boundaries to new heights. Its ASTRO token is trading at $0.0009098, with a market valuation of about $3.1 million. 

Other tokens noted for their potential include Polygon (MATIC), Vertex (VRTX), KARATE, Prisma Finance (PRISMA), ETNA Network (ETHNA), THORChain (RUNE), and SuperVerse (Super). 

However, the presenters made it clear that their mentions and endorsements of these projects are not to be construed as financial advice.

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