FixedFloat Highlights Optional Registration, No KYC For Seamless Trading Experience

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FixedFloat Highlights Optional Registration, No KYC For Seamless Trading Experience Press Release

FixedFloat, an instant, fully automated digital asset exchange, is offering optional registration and no Know Your Customer (KYC) features to provide users with a hassle-free cryptocurrency trading experience.

While requiring traders and investors to sign up for an account and have them go through KYC has its own perks for both the platform and the user, it creates user friction that especially deters first-time clients. FixedFloat recognizes this dilemma, so the team designed the exchange to have the option to proceed with transactions without the need to sign up for an account and go through KYC verification.

A FixedFloat spokesperson said:

While creating an account is fairly easy, our advantage is that we do not require our users to undergo mandatory registration on FixedFloat. They can simply go to our portal and immediately make an exchange without additional actions.

Furthermore, the FixedFloat team respects the personal information of its customers. Hence, it does not request a KYC check, eliminating the additional barrier to entering the cryptocurrency trading market. “Since day one, we’ve assured our customers that the privacy and security of their personal data are protected,” the spokesperson added.

Notably, users can still register for an account with FixedFloat to track past transactions, among other benefits, if they wish to do so.

Apart from these two features, the exchange boasts one of the lowest and best rates in the cryptocurrency market at $1, regardless if the exchange rate is fixed or float. Since the platform is fully automated, transactions take less time compared to other cryptocurrency exchanges.

FixedFloat is not custodial, meaning that the exchange does not store user coins. It does, however, allow saving on withdrawal fees for small amounts of exchange. Also, it sends funds to users from hot wallets.

The platform has a large selection of cryptocurrencies for exchange, including the Lightning Network. According to the FixedFloat team, they are actively adding more supported cryptocurrencies and trading pairs. It has also launched its own affiliate program, where users can promote the FixedFloat brand and earn generous rewards for their marketing contributions.  

The service has garnered mostly positive reviews on BestChange and Trustpilot. In case users have concerns about FixedFloat, the platform’s top-notch technical support is available 24/7.

About FixedFloat

FixedFloat was launched in 2018 by a group of cryptocurrency enthusiasts and blockchain experts with extensive experience in entrepreneurship, web technology, and finance. Through practical and scalable solutions that make the cryptocurrency economy work for users, FixedFloat simplifies the process of exchanging cryptocurrencies.

The platform enables users to choose between fixed or floating exchange rates that fit their investing strategy. FixedFloat boasts fast processing, robust design, and friendly, dedicated customer support, among others to provide a best-in-class exchange that meets all the needs of the cryptocurrency community.

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