Founder of NFT Marketplace Mintable Shares Crypto Journey

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Hold until mega yacht Mintable founder shares crypto journey
  • Mintable creator described how Web3 helped him go from being jobless to having financial freedom.
  • Burks discovered Bitcoin when it was worth $5.50 via the now-defunct Mt. Gox crypto exchange.
  • The CEO advised people to take chances and never to sell their crypto.

While some traders may pluck their crypto gains as they ripen, other investors like Zach Burks hold on to the assets until the proceeds can be used to purchase a mega yacht.

In a Twitter conversation on Tuesday, Burks, the CEO of Mintable App, described how he discovered Web3 and went from being indigent and jobless to starting a nonfungible token (NFT) marketplace.

Burks claimed that he discovered Bitcoin (BTC) through the now-defunct Mt. Gox crypto exchange when it was only worth $5.50. The Mintable creator said he eventually moved from trading BTC to acquiring Ether (ETH) and was determined not to sell them. He stated,

My goal was only to collect ETH and never sell it until I could buy a mega yacht, and I still haven’t cashed out

Along the line, Burks realized he wanted to work as a Solidity developer. He began studying, participating in hackathons, testing contracts, and working in the field. By that time, he noticed that he had attained financial independence three years after beginning.

The NFT specialist later relocated to Thailand to start Mintable, but he lost the chance to become a CryptoPunk in 2017. After that, he bought Cryptokitties and developed a romantic interest in NFTs.

The Mintable NFT marketplace is worth hundreds of millions of dollars with a consistently expanding crew, according to the CEO. Burks ultimately advised others to “take chances” and never to sell their crypto.

Investors that hold NFTs continue to increase in number even while the values of well-known collections’ NFTs are declining. According to a website with NFT data, nearly 500,000 people acquired NFTs in June and July.

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