Frankie Candles Breaks the Silence Amidst BitBoy and TJ Drama

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Frankie Candles Breaks the Silence Amidst BitBoy and TJ Drama
  • Frankie Candles, a popular cryptocurrency trader opens up about the recent controversies.
  • Hit Network CEO Timothy “TJ” Shedd agreed to sign over full ownership of the Frankie Candles brand.
  • Candles plans to continue creating crypto education and trading content independently.

Popular cryptocurrency trader Frankie Candles announced his departure from crypto media group Hit Network amid recent controversies. In a lengthy statement, Candles explained why he kept silent amidst the ongoing drama.

Candles said he initially joined as an employee in 2021 after cold-emailing Armstrong’s Bitboy Crypto channel. He called landing the role at the popular YouTube channel “a dream” that enabled him to travel, meet followers, and start his own channel under the Hit Network umbrella.

However, Candles is now splitting off his independent brand after tensions emerged between Armstrong and Hit Network CEO Timothy “TJ” Shedd. While not elaborating on the specifics, he said he is maintaining positive relationships with both figures who “changed his life.”

Candles stressed that his priority is protecting the community he built independently through hard work and sacrifice. After negotiations, Shedd agreed to sign over full ownership of the Frankie Candles brand, allowing him to operate independently.

The trader explained that the situation forced career decisions sooner than expected. But gaining full control will let him continue his mission of creating crypto education and trading content on his own terms.

Candles noted that the transition cannot happen instantly but is in motion. He expressed gratitude to Shedd for enabling him to maintain the valuable assets and community he cultivated at Hit Network.

Looking forward, Candles said he will focus on serving his audience rather than drama. He plans to resume his regular content schedule as an independent brand.

Candles concluded by calling for the best outcome for Shedd and Armstrong, whom he cares deeply about. He asked the public to avoid judgments without full information.

The statement encapsulates the difficult personal impacts of recent events on figures like Candles tied to the major players involved. His remarks emphasized prioritizing his community in making the tough but necessary change.

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