GameStop Meme Coin Skyrockets 227%, but a Better Alternative Might Be Emerging

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GameStop Meme Coin Skyrockets 227%, but a Better Alternative Might Be Emerging

GameStop (GME) emerged as the top-performing meme coin this Monday, June 3. The token skyrocketed by 227% in the last 24 hours, and just like a few weeks ago, the reason behind the surge is once again believed to be Roaring Kitty.

Roaring Kitty Reveals His Investment Into GME

In a recent Reddit post, the website’s investment community from the r/options subreddit reported that a mysterious whale who bought $20 calls expiring June 21 was none other than Roaring Kitty, a legendary trader and investor who became known globally after the GameStop short squeeze in 2021.

Back then, Redditors from WallStreetBets stood up against institutional investors who were shorting GameStop stocks. Amateur investors started buying stocks massively to pump their price and “teach institutional investors a lesson.” 

After that, Roaring Kitty disappeared for three years, only to emerge again in mid-May. His return caused the GameStop shares to pump again, and the GME meme coin soon followed. Now, Roaring Kitty is back again, and once again, his actions have caused both the share and the meme coin to surge, as he unveiled his position, which is valued at over $200 million.


The GameStop Corp stock surged 70% daily, while the meme coin, as mentioned earlier, went up by 227% to trade at $0.01247.

However, when a token surges that much that quickly, a correction is bound to follow, and there are already signs that the GME token has peaked and is now starting a decline. However, there is an alternative that could be even more rewarding for early investors, which makes it worth considering.

Sealana Presale Is In Full Swing

Sealana is a meme coin built on the Solana network, which launched its presale a few weeks ago. During this time, it managed to raise over $3 million by selling its token SEAL for $0.022 apiece.

The token is available in exchange for ETH, USDT, SOL, and BNB, but it can also be bought via credit or debit cards.

Sealana stands out from most modern meme coins because it did not try to attract users through utilities or promises of massive returns. Instead, like the original Dogecoin, the meme coin is simply there for the meme, focusing on fun and humor instead of technology and profits.


But, it also carries an important message, which is actually a criticism of those who behave like its seal, also known as Sealana. In its own words, Sealana is “the chubby seal who’s taken a deep dive into the Solana Sea. Whaled at his PC and growing by the day, Sealana is so absorbed in the degen market that he’s abandoned the gorgeous figure of his youth for a trader’s diet of chips and tinned tuna. His obsession with finding the next big Solana meme coin keeps his flippers busy and his living room a big fat mess.”

In other words, while it understands the excitement of seeking the next big hit among meme coins, it also views it as a bad thing when it grows into an obsession.

Start investing in the SEAL token and be a part of the exciting journey; as the project hits major milestones, you stand to gain substantial rewards and be at the forefront of digital innovation.

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