GameSwift Joins Polygon To Develop New Ecosystem for Web3 Gaming

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GameSwift_io is changing the gaming ecosystem
  • GameFi ecosystem, formerly known as StarTerra, partners with Polygon to reinvent the Web3 gaming ecosystem.
  • Both parties believe that a large community of Web3 gamers want to transition to Web3.
  • GameSwift would expand Polygon’s functionalities to provide a fully-fledged network for Web3 projects.

On Tuesday, GameSwift, a GameFi ecosystem formerly known as StarTerra, announced a partnership with Polygon, a decentralized Ethereum scaling platform. With the partnership, GameSwift aims to build a new version of the Web3 gaming ecosystem and expand its functionalities with Polygon Supernet.

According to a series of tweets by Polygon, both parties believe that a large community of Web3 gamers want to join Web3, and this partnership would boost the transition of Web2 games to the Web3 world.

Based on a blog post by Polygon, this integration would allow GameSwift to expand its functionalities to provide a fully-fledged network for Web3 gaming projects. Thus, it will also allow GameSwift to take advantage of the Polygon chain upgrade and establish a gaming chain built on the framework of Polygon.

Wojciech Gruszka, CEO of GameSwift, added:

As constant development is inherent in blockchain-based projects, we have made several fundamental decisions that modify our business profile. But, at the same time, it is not a radical change for our community.

Gruszka further said that by developing StarHeroes, we have built powerful know-how on implementing Web3 aspects to traditional gaming. “This helped us learn about the need for gaming studios. Therefore, we decided to go a step further by creating a comprehensive ecosystem for them to solve the issues they encounter.”

Ultimately, Gruszka remarked, “On the other hand, we are builders who have always devoted our work to the community, and we see a great need to create a suitable environment for the web3 gaming community. We want to make sure that players can freely enjoy what they like the most without the need to dive into complicated technological matters.”

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