Advances Blockchain Innovation at Lead Asia Demo Day and Seoul Meta Week 2024

Last Updated: Advances Blockchain Innovation at Lead Asia Demo Day and Seoul Meta Week 2024 Press Release

June, 30th, Korea –, a world-leading crypto exchange, recently concluded its prominent hosting of Lead Asia Demo Day, alongside its participation in Seoul Meta Week 2024 as a Platinum Sponsor, reaffirming its leadership in both events. These platforms served as a stage for the future and advancement of blockchain technology, highlighted by keynote speeches delivered by CEO Dr. Han Lin during Seoul Meta Week 2024.

Empowering Startups at Lead Asia Demo Day

On June 28th, partnered with Wemade, a leading game developer in Korea known for its flagship IP, MIR, to host Lead Asia Demo Day in Seoul, drawing over 300 attendees. The event began with a welcome speech by Leo, Director of Strategy & Operations in East Asia, and Tiffany Chang, Investment Associate, highlighting’s dedication to fostering innovation and driving industry growth. They detailed Gate Ventures’ proactive investments and support for innovative blockchain startups, emphasizing their focus on community-driven tokenomics, genuine innovation, robust engineering, and sustainable business models across the Asia Pacific Region. Gate Ventures offers comprehensive support in areas like product development, code auditing, liquidity provision, and market making, ensuring startups receive essential resources and strategic guidance in today’s dynamic blockchain ecosystem.

Showcasing Promising Startups

During Lead Asia Demo Day, four promising startups—, CYRUS, Amnis Finance, and Quranium—presented their groundbreaking projects, each contributing to the limitless potential of Web3 development.

  • An AI-driven NFT Gaming Platform that utilizes NFT information and incorporates AI technology for image generation, allowing users to play games with their NFT decks.
  • CYRUS: A blockchain startup focused on environmental and healthcare solutions, seamlessly integrating personal well-being, eco-friendly initiatives, and blockchain technology.
  • Amnis Finance: The top #1 liquid staking platform on Aptos, with an impressive 10% staking apr and many farming yields. It has achieved over $104 millions in Total Value Locked (TVL) and more than 200K stakers.
  • Quranium: The world’s first quantum-proof hybrid distributed ledger technology (DLT), designed to build a groundbreaking decentralized infrastructure prepared for the quantum computing era. This innovative solution stands out for its unparalleled speed and scalability, ensuring robust and future-ready performance in an evolving technological landscape.

Driving Forward with Vision and Passion

The startups showcased their innovative potential, making it a close competition for the Best Innovation Award. Ultimately, stood out for its groundbreaking work. Tiffany Chang commented, “We believe their cutting-edge AI-driven NFT gaming platform is set to revolutionize the Web3.0 gaming experience.”

At the end of the event, extended its heartfelt gratitude to co-host Wemade, a pioneer among game developers in South Korea which adopted blockchain technology early to operate the world’s largest web3 game platform, Wemix Play, along with Golden Sponsors Quranium,, CYRUS, and Amnis, and Silver Sponsors Burrito Wallet, TetherMax, UNICE, WEMIX, and Kroma. Their generous contributions and invaluable support made this event possible.

Lead Asia Demo Day was a resounding success in fostering connections among Korean Web3 industry leaders and the community. “It was an absolute pleasure to be a part of this well-curated event by South Korea is a crucial market focus for Quranium, and’s leadership in advancing Web3 initiatives in Asia will contribute significantly to building a strong ecosystem. We eagerly anticipate closer collaboration,” remarked Benjamin Shin, Chief Business Officer at Quranium.

Building Trust Beyond Blockchain

During June 26th – 28th, also participated in Seoul Meta Week 2024 as a Platinum Sponsor, contributing to the gathering of industry leaders and enthusiasts to explore the future of blockchain technology. Dr. Lin Han, Founder and CEO of, delivered a keynote speech titled “How We Build Trust Beyond The Blockchain,” focusing on recent security challenges in the industry and’s mission to establish a secure and user-friendly environment, emphasizing blockchain development and financial innovation.

In addition to Dr. Han’s keynote, Tiffany Chang, Investment Associate at, participated in a panel discussion on “AI in Web3: Transforming the Future of Decentralized Technology,” highlighting Gate Ventures’ belief in AI’s transformative potential within Web3. also showcased a variety of technologies and innovations at its booth during Seoul Meta Week.

Seoul Meta Week 2024 and Lead Asia Demo Day were both successful events for promoting blockchain technology and its use cases and showed’s commitment to driving Web3 innovation and industry development.

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