Google Approves NFT Gaming Ads, Cracks Down on Gambling

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Google Approves NFT Gaming Ads, Cracks Down on Gambling
  • Google updated its advertisement policy to allow blockchain-based gaming ads after the initial ban in 2018.
  • The company requires the advertisements to comply with specific requirements and local laws.
  • Advertisements promoting NFT gambling are required to comply with a different set of rules.

Google has revised its advertisement policies to allow blockchain-based games that offer NFTs to run ads services while complying with certain rules. Per the announcement, the policy update is expected to take effect from September 15, 2023, five years after the initial ban in 2018.

Under the new regulation, blockchain-based games that offer non-gambling gaming services can advertise their games through the platform. In particular, the policy updates greenlight games that allow players to purchase in-game items that otherwise qualify as tradable NFTs.

However, the advertisement approval doesn’t extend to games offering NFT gambling or promoting gambling-related content. Instead, the company requires such games to comply with its gambling and games policy and receive a Google Ads certification.

Furthermore, Google said it expects all companies to comply with the local laws applicable where they are based. Likewise, they are also to abide by the laws of the countries where their ads targets are located.

However, the company warned that a violation of its rules would lead to a suspension. As stated in the announcement, games that do not abide by the advertisement rules risk a suspension. But before then, the company said it would issue a warning of 7 days before any suspension.

This policy update by Google suggests a growing acceptance of NFT games. Since their introduction, NFT games have soared in popularity, even in the traditional world. Unlike Web2 games, NFT games allow users to own in-game assets and trade them as NFTs on marketplaces.